Behind The Chic

The Art of Chico’s

You may have noticed during a recent visit to one of our boutiques that our shopping bags look a little different. Chico’s has a brand-new campaign graphic we’re proud to share with you! In addition to our packaging, you’ll soon be seeing it everywhere—in our store windows, on our website, and in our mailers.

Our new look began when Chico’s Senior Vice President of Apparel Marketing, Kimberly Grabel, joined the brand in 2019. “I was on a long plane ride back from Hong Kong when I got to thinking, ‘How can we put the emphasis on the chic in Chico’s?’ ” she recalls. “It’s such a big part of who our customers are. I also wanted to pay tribute to the brand’s longstanding artful heritage.” Together with Chico’s Senior Creative Director, Christopher Wieliczko, the two worked with FutureBrand to develop an updated iteration of our brand name.

“The resulting graphic treatment uses a script font that gives prominence to the first four letters of Chico’s,” says Christopher. “We also incorporated an artistic brushstroke flourish as a campaign element.”

We think the new campaign graphic captures not only the essence of who we are as a brand but also conveys what you love best about us—chic, classic silhouettes and artfully unique details that express your personal style.

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