Behind The Chic

The Art of Japanese Shibori 

At Chico’s, we love beautiful prints that never go out of style. Our latest collection was inspired by Japanese Shibori that began with 8th century emperors. Here are a few of our favorite Shibori-inspired pieces and the technique behind them

From the runway to home décor, it’s no doubt Japanese Shibori (pronounced shee-bo-dee) is the must-have print for summer. The technique uses folding, twisting, wrapping, stitching and binding of cloth that is submerged into a natural dye to create unpredictable shapes and beautiful patterns. 

Our in-house artists experimented with a combination of Shibori techniques to create some of these unique designs. – Jessica, Director Print Design

Closely resembling tie-dye, the technique differs in the stitching and binding process that creates the more complex patterns and designs found in Shibori. While more intricate than tie-dye, the technique is still less demanding than embroidery or beading.  

Our in-house artists recently led a workshop to educate our associates on the ancient practice. We found the repetitive nature of the technique to be both relaxing and soothing. The result was a beautiful mix of unique patterns in a variety of blue, green and yellow hues.  

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