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The Art of Joy: MaryAnn Elizabeth

What brings you joy? That’s the question we’re asking (and answering) this month, as we seek all the pleasures great and small that can bring us comfort in this upside down world. On set, we asked our model, MaryAnn Elizabeth, a professionally trained artist, for her thoughts on how she stays creative and what brings her joy. Added bonus? She painted the gorgeous picture we used as a backdrop.

Originally discovered by the famous model scout Eileen Ford at 14, MaryAnn fell in love with art, and instead of pursuing a modeling career, went on to receive a BFA from Moore College and MFA from the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Then, in her 40s, noticing a lack of women who reflected herself, she decided to return to modeling.

“I believe we are in a pro-age revolution! Modeling for me is a form of storytelling, an opportunity to express, to inspire positivity, women should feel empowered to age with grace and glow with pride in all aspects of their lives.” She said. Since then, she’s appeared in campaigns for Clarins and Aveda among many others.

Feel the joy? For a chance to win the gorgeous painting in the video by MaryAnne, plus a $500 Chico’s gift card click here. Follow MaryAnn Elizabeth on Instagram here.

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