Behind The Chic

The Art of Mixed Prints

We sat down with Rosalind, Chico’s Artist & Print Designer, to learn about the print making process and how she developed a fresh approach to our iconic animal print by fusing floral motifs – a design trend woven throughout our new Fall collection. The result is an exceptional and versatile covering that will help you transition from hot summer days to cool fall nights.  

Chico’s Floral Animal-Print Ruana Wrap

What was the motivation behind the mixed media print from our latest collection?

It starts with our customer and understanding what she loves. The team works closely with our trend department on direction and upcoming fashion trends, and then translates that for our customer. We already know she appreciates mixed prints and she LOVES animal prints – it is a solid after all! Many of our customers look for something unique and unexpected that has artistic flair.  

Where do you find artistic inspiration, and what designers do you especially admire?  

I love to look at vintage garments, textile designs and paintings for inspiration. Uniqueness comes from how you choose to fuse together different kinds of visual inspiration. I admire Etro’s approach to print and pattern. 

Have you always been drawn to prints? What about them appeals to you?  

Absolutely! I’m always noticing them wherever I go. I can always spot the prints that I’ve created, it’s like looking at your own signature. I think prints and colors can affect how we feel. Wearing a beautiful print can elevate our mood. 

Can you elaborate a bit on your creative process—from initial concept to final execution? 

The creative process is unique for each print because each print has its own personality in a way. I start from scratch or with inspiration from our trend team – something that provide an initial visual. At this point of the process, the trend team has already figured out the color palette and the general theme and direction for the artwork. This new print in particular was created digitally. It’s about creating balance, something that’s wearable and on trend.  

What does Chic mean to you? 

Chic means sophisticated, but in an easy, effortless, way. 

Our latest collection is available to shop now. Click here to view our most recent arrivals.  

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