Why Join a Loyalty Rewards Program?

Can being loyal to a brand be beneficial? The short answer is yes, but there’s more a little more to it than that. In fact, most benefits come from being part of a brand’s loyalty rewards program. Around 85% of consumers like rewards programs, but what’s so great about being part of a one?

To help shed some light on the subject, we’ve outlined why people love joining reward programs for customers and what to expect from loyalty programs. Plus, we give you an up-close look at Chico’s Rewards+ loyalty rewards program

loyalty rewards program

What is a Loyalty Rewards Program?

First, let’s look at what makes up a loyalty program. Simply put, a loyalty program rewards customers who purchase from the brand consistently. It can encourage purchases and help bring in new customers from competitors. The equation is pretty straight forward: the more you engage with the brand, the more rewards you earn.

What Should You Expect from a Loyalty Program?

Of course, different programs are going to offer their customers different rewards. Usually, brands offer rewards to their customers that provide benefits they’ll like. It takes knowing who your customers are to really create a successful community rewards program. However, there are some expectations customers have, no matter what brand loyalty program they’ve signed up for. 

Save (or Earn) Money

Saving money is one of the most common expectations from rewards programs. Usually, saving some bucks is the primary reason people join. They buy from the brand regardless, so why not save some money in the process? Whether that savings comes in the form of discounts, free gifts, or cash back, loyalty programs should promise some sort benefits for your wallet. 

Feel Special

Everyone wants to feel special, so it’s no surprise that you’d expect some kind of special treatment from your rewards program. Providing discounts and cash back is great, but that’s the basis of most reward programs, so providing additional bonus rewards to show you’re cared for should also be par for the course. Birthday rewards are a great example. When you get that birthday gift in your mail or inbox, it’s just like getting a gift from a friend. It’s that kind of appreciation that shows you’re important to the brand you love so much.

Have a Pleasant Experience

Loyalty programs should be fun, engaging, and—of course—rewarding. Whenever you earn rewards or interact with a rewards program, you should feel excited, like you’re a part of something special. Often, that excitement comes from the ease of engaging with the program and its rewards. For example, tiered loyalty rewards programs allow you to be a part of a community of shoppers and make it easy for you to understand what kind of rewards you’ll be getting based on your tier. Overall, the experience of just being part of the program should be pleasant, including sign up and rewards redemption. 

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Community Rewards Program?

Now that you know what to expect from a well-rounded community rewards program, let’s talk about the real-world benefits. 

Cash Back

Discounts on products or cash back on purchases is a common perk. However, it’s really how this perk is managed that sets some loyalty rewards programs apart from others. For instance, points-based loyalty programs are some of the best to join because as you spend, you earn points. As those points accumulate, they turn into cash you can use toward future purchases. Points-based systems allow you to choose how to spend your rewards, which feels less restrictive. You can usually have some freedom to choose how to spend your hard-earned rewards.

Special Gifts

Special gifts can come in the form of a physical product, but they can also be additional discounts, bonus points, or exclusives that are just for members. These days, many reward programs for customers have a tiered system where benefits increase the more you spend. Likely, there are benefits that apply to all tiers, but as you spend, you move into different tiers that provide additional benefits. Offering larger incentives or bonus rewards is another way loyalty programs can provide special gifts. 

Insider Access

Most people love to feel like a VIP. Insider access to rewards can make you feel like part of an elite group that gets special treatment. The most loyal of customers are likely to want first access to discounts, special events, and sales. For instance, loyalty rewards programs that have a points-based system often have time periods when you can earn bonus points. For these types of programs, bonus points could multiply based on your tier. This kind of insider access allows you to get more for each dollar you spend.

Additional Loyalty Rewards Benefits

The benefits mentioned above are common to many community rewards programs. Some have additional benefits that are less common, but that are still extremely helpful. Free shipping is not a perk every program offers, but it’s probably one you’ll love. It happens every time: you add what you want to your cart, and when you check out, the price has jumped simply because of shipping costs.

Loyalty program benefits that include free shipping are a customer favorite because the price you see in your cart is what you pay at check out. Additionally, community rewards like receipt-free returns can make a big impact on your wallet. Imagine never having to save a receipt again!

Become a Part of Chico’s Rewards+ Program

loyalty rewards program

Now that you know what to expect from a community rewards program, let’s talk about one that has it all: Chico’s Rewards+ Program

Tiered Membership

Chico’s Rewards+ Program gives you the opportunity to get VIP treatment. Plus, the tiers have super fun names like Daring, Magnetic, Fierce, and Phenomenal. Tiers are based on your spending. As your annual spending accumulates, you can move up to tiers that offer additional benefits or bonus incentives.

Redeemable Points

Each tier in Chico’s Rewards+ Program offers redeemable points for every dollar you spend. So, spend more and get more in return—just how it should be. Also, you can redeem your points how you like. While there are some restrictions, this loyalty program really offers you a lot of flexibility in how you spend your points.

Birthday Gifts

Chico’s Rewards+ Program cares, so for your birthday, you’re gifted anywhere between $10 and $50 to spend. The gift’s amount is based on your tier, like many other things this program offers. The gift comes right to your inbox, and you can spend it on what you like. 

Free Shipping

Every tier in the Chico’s Rewards+ Program offers free shipping. The Daring tier offers free shipping on purchases of $75 or more, but the Magnetic, Fierce, and Phenomenal tiers offer free shipping on all purchases, whether you buy one top or a top in every color. 

Bonus Points

Bonus points is another perk that all Chico’s Rewards+ members receive. For example, right now, you can earn bonus points when you purchase Brigitte pants and shirts from our No Iron Collection

Free Online Closet

Chico’s Rewards+ has something many clothing retailers with loyalty programs do not: a free online closet. My Chico’s Closet is like your personal online walk-in closet where you’ll find outfit recommendations that match back to your most recent purchases. New Chico’s customers also benefit from this perk because My Chico’s Closet will provide some of our bestselling options to get started. What’s more, this benefit is free for all members, regardless of your tier.

Free Styling

Free styling is another perk that’s very exclusive to Chico’s Rewards+. Style Connect is a complimentary online styling service provided by stylists at Chico’s. Every tier gets this reward, too. And if you prefer an in-person styling experience, you have the option to connect with a style expert at one of Chico’s many boutiques. 

Receipt-Free Returns

Receipt-free returns is yet another benefit that all Chico’s Rewards+ members receive. Since all your purchases are tracked via the loyalty rewards program, you don’t have to worry about saving receipts. 

Exclusive Invites

Members of the Fierce and Phenomenal tiers will also get exclusive invites, including discounts, sales, and early access to new products. 

This list of benefits only scratches the surface of what you get from being part of the Chico’s Rewards+ program. Join the loyalty program here, and if you still have some questions, check out the Chico’s Rewards+ FAQ.

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