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One Italian Summer: In-Store with Rebecca Serle

Last month, a Chico’s store in Calabasas, CA hosted a live interview with One Italian Summer author Rebecca Serle. This fun community event featured a one-on-one interview with Serle, plus a Chico’s fashion show inspired by the novel’s setting, the Amalfi Coast. 

One Italian Summer author Rebecca Serle

If you missed this in-store event, don’t worry! We’ve captured all the highlights for you. Check out the live interview with Rebecca Serle on the Chico’s Instagram, see some behind the scenes photos, get the looks from the in-store fashion show right here. 

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle: Chico’s Book Club Pick

Are you getting in your summer reading? Be sure to add One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle to your list – unless you already have. For those of you who have been following along with this summer’s Chico’s Book Club, you know that Serle’s novel is our pick for your must-read list. It has everything you want in a summer read: family, love, and a gorgeous seaside setting. 

The bond between mother and daughter is the centerpiece of the novel. In her interview, Serle talks about the bond between the novel’s characters, Katie and her mother, Carol: “Carol was Katie’s best friend, her first phone call – all the things moms can be if we’re very lucky in this life.” 

In the novel, Carol always told Katie about the best summer of her life when she took a trip to Positano, Italy. Before they’re able to take a trip to Positano together, Katie’s mother Carol passes away. Katie decides to take the trip anyway, and in a magical twist of fate, Katie meets her mother Carol as a young woman, and they spend the summer together on the Amalfi Coast.  

In-Store Interview with Rebecca Serle

Rebecca Serle (right) with host Linea Wilson

In addition to discussing the plot of One Italian Summer, author Rebecca Serle talked about her inspiration for the setting. “I think one thing that’s so special about Italy in general, but specifically Positano, is that is really feels like this place that is kind of untouched by time.” 

Serle also mentioned that a trip she took to Italy with her mother was partly inspiration for the setting. “My mom – like Carol – had always talked about Positano,” Serle said, “and I loved the idea that it was the same restaurants that were there, and in a lot of ways it’s the same fashion. It’s just really classic, and I feel like there’s a timelessness to that place that felt so special.”

Plus, Serle discussed her writing process. “I wrote the novel between April and June of 2020,” Serle began, “so it was at the height, when none of us could leave our houses, when everything was very locked down. I so desperately wanted to be anywhere besides the four walls of my home, and Italy sounded like a great place to be. So, every day I would sit down and write, and I just felt like I was transporting myself. You know, this book really did feel like a vacation for me to write.”

Serle finished her interview by explaining that she hopes the book is read in community, like the Chico’s Book Club. “The book was written when we couldn’t be together,” Serle explains. “My hope is that the book just gets read in community, like I hope it gets waterlogged by cocktails, and thrown in pools, and stained by wine and pasta.” 

Watch the full interview with Rebecca Serle here.

A Chico’s Fashion Show Inspired by One Italian Summer

Alongside the in-store live interview with Rebecca Serle, Chico’s put together a fashion show inspired by the novel! You can get all the pieces from each ensemble in our fashion recap below.

First, let’s talk about what Rebecca’s wearing. The author is outfitted in a refined Gauze Button Back Tunic paired with our High Rise Straight Leg Cotton Crops. White and olive are the perfect summer colors for the Southern Italian coast, especially when they’re accessorized with our Island T-Strap Sandals.

Next, let’s highlight the fashion picks for characters from the novel, including a young Carol, a mature Carol, and Katie, the main character.

Young Carol is wearing our bright and playful Pima Parrot Tee matched with our ultra-sleek Girlfriend Crops. This outfit is topped off with a twist on a summer staple, our Tie Dye Denim Jacket

Mature Carol is fashioned in some of our customer favorites, like our ¾ Sleeve Cotton Slub Tunic and our Zenergy® So Slimming® Pima Cotton Leggings. Both of pieces offer classic comfort, but also are dressed up with a dramatic top layer, our Embroidered Tassel Ruana

The main character, Katie, is wearing the perfect relaxed yet refined look for a summer on the Amalfi Coast: our Coastal Tile Wide Leg Crops paired with our Textured Puff Sleeve Knit Top. This lovely, leisurely look is finished off with our Black Suede Slide Sandals.

Our Picks from the One Italian Summer Fashion Show

Now let’s review our top five looks from the fashion show inspired by One Italian Summer. These simple yet stunning summer pieces make a great match for catching up on your reading while sipping a cappuccino in a seaside café. 

This ensemble is all about summer leisure, but with bold style.

Bright green, ikat print, and super soft fabrics combine to make a breezy and beautiful summer look.

This tank and jeans combo is a classic pairing, but the duster adds a modern dash of color and style.

This simple outfit makes your style standout, making it perfect for a full day and night of food, wine, and fun.

This poncho and crop pants ensemble looks polished, but feels relaxed.

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