The Art of Making it Work: Part 2

We find ourselves—like you—in the middle of a situation we never could have imagined.

We thought we might give you a glimpse into how our community of associates is living in this new world…and invite you in with tips and tricks on how to practice self-care.

Meet Kelly, Senior Vice President, Merchandising & Design

Where I’m at: At home, in Fort Myers, Florida. I got a rolling utility table and set up a quiet space in my den. Even better, I sometimes work outside on my patio (known in Florida as a lanai).

Where I want to be: Exactly where I’m at—safe at home! My college-age daughter has had to come home, so I am grateful to be cocooning with my family and animals. My dog is named Dixie, and we have a new kitten, Scotty Blue. (What could be better and more entertaining right now than a fuzzy kitten?) I’m enjoying reconnecting with my college friends on social media, and I love joining virtual exercise classes with friends from around the country.

What I’m wearing right now: For work, I love Chico’s denim Pull-On Jeggings. They’re so comfortable, they’re kind of life changing. I pair them with the Blue Paisley Swirl Jacquard Ruana Wrap—it’s super cozy, casual, and comfortable. For downtime, I wear leggings and cover-ups. I love the Zenergy® Cloud-Panel Leggings with a Microfiber Tank and the Marla Wynne for Chico’s™ Open-Front Cardigan.

What I want to be wearing: I just ordered the Zenergy® Tie-Dye Leggings and a new Floral Embroidered Jacquard Ruana Wrap.

What I’m learning: To balance the continuing demands of my job and my family while making time for myself—meditating, maintaining a good exercise routine, and eating healthy whole foods. Also perfecting some new cocktails!

How I take care of myself during this time: I have to keep busy—it’s in my nature. My hobbies are gardening and crafting, so I combined the two by whitewashing my pottery and rock planters and then planting them with succulents. It’s meditative and creative work that puts me in my happy place.

Meet Cerissa, Designer, Fashion Accessories

Where I’m at: In my living room (currently known as my makeshift office).

Where I want to be: Crash Boat Beach, Puerto Rico.

What I’m wearing right now: A very lived-in Chico’s Zenergy® tee (an oldie but a goody) and Zenergy® So Slimming® Side-Pocket Ankle Leggings (my go-to).

What I want to be wearing: A Chico’s Textured Stamped Ruana, an Easy Tee, and deconstructed Girlfriend Jeans.

What I’m learning: Communicating is so integral to getting the new collection created when we are socially distant from team members. Also, HOPE!

How I take care of myself during this time: I drink a lot of water, stretch hourly, and walk my pup around the neighborhood.

Meet Chad, Director of Brand Planning

Where I’m at: Working at home on my balcony that overlooks the water.

Where I want to be: The Bubble Mountains in Acadia National Park, located in Maine.

What I’m learning: How to be a better communicator.

How I take care of myself during this time: Staying connected to friends and family with plenty of FaceTime dates.

Meet Traci, Associate Merchandise Planner

Where I’m at: Spending time with my family in my living room, while working at home.

Where I want to be: In the mountains in Ashville, North Carolina.

What I’m wearing right now: My favorite comfy jeans and swing top, as this color just makes me happy!

What I want to be wearing: The Linen Tunic Dress, Cutout Pendant Necklace, and Bead Hoop Earrings from the new Chico’s collection.

What I’m learning: I am learning many new levels of patience and peace as I navigate my new “normal” of working at home and teaching my school-age children as well. I am also learning the irreplaceable value of family and friends and how vital the emotional support they give to me really is.

How I take care of myself during this time: I make sure to eat healthy, work out at home or ride my bike in the neighborhood, take my vitamins, and drink plenty of water.

Meet Christopher, Senior Creative Director

Where I’m at: Currently in New York City, working at home under quarantine. I do, however, have my beautiful two girls and a view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Where I want to be: Fighting crime in Gotham.

What I’m learning: Patience. Thankfulness. How to be a better daddy, husband, and co-worker.

How I take care of myself during this time: Working hard for the brand. Sleeping. Eating a minimum of three meals a day. Snuggling with the family. Listening to National Public Radio. Watching the movie Rugrats in Paris (director’s cut).


We want to see how you’re keeping it chic at home. Tag us @lovechicos and #chicathome for a chance to be featured on our social channels. Can’t wait to see you!

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