The Art of Making It Work: Part 3

We find ourselves—like you—in the middle of a situation we never could have imagined. 

Here, we give you a glimpse into how our community of associates is living in this new world…and invite you in with tips and tricks on how to practice self-care. 


Where I’m at: My apartment with my newly adopted kittens.  

How the recent world shift has changed the way you work and live: The recent changes have made me realize the importance of separating work and personal life. I’ve been spending my workday at my desk in my bedroom and my evenings in the living room to separate my home space between my personal life and work life. I’ve found that effective communication with my team has been key in accomplishing projects while at home. And of course, staying virtually connected with friends, family, and coworkers has become the new norm. 

How I’m practicing self-care: I’m practicing self-care by taking breaks when I need them, continuing to practice my skin and hair care routines, cooking and eating well, drinking a lot of Shift Coffee, and most importantly, only worrying about things that are in my control. It’s a good reminder to myself to not stress about the things I cannot change.   

What I want to be wearing: I love our Camouflage Rain Jacket and this entire look!  

How do you define chic now: I think right now, chic is more of a feeling since we’re spending most of our time alone or confined to our homes. There are so many ways to feel stylish at home, whether it means dressing up for your virtual meetings, finding cute loungewear that makes you feel good, or even making sure you stick with your daily routine. Like they always say, look good, feel good! 


How the recent world shift has changed the way you work and live:  It’s flipped my world upside down.  My team knows how social I am.  I thrive off their energy and miss the coordinated chaos of an office environment.   

How I recreated this chaos at home: I created a dedicated workplace at home with minimal distractions to give me that work vibe from 6am-noon. I chose the dining room table furthest away from the TV.  After lunch, I move my office poolside.  My team and I have happy hours twice a week to keep that social high and team moral up.  Working from home has also reignited a pastime passion of mine – cooking.  Last week two of my favorite receipts were Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon and Gordan Ramsey’s Spicy Lamb Shanks.  Check out how both of the dishes turned out – I give them both 5/5 stars! 

Where I’d rather be: I’d rather be at a beach bar in Naples – I miss a good cocktail on the beach catching some rays.  

How I’m practicing self-care:  I’m taking daily bubble baths (new bubble bath scent everyday) and at least one face mask a day.  Feeling relaxed and looking fresh is so important to me.  Pro tip – I’ve been making my own face masks with every day kitchen items from recipes I search online (check out image of one I made yesterday. I’ve included the recipe below: 

  • 1 eggwhite
  • 1 tspn honey
  • 1 tspn of fresh lemon juice

How do you define chic now: I’ve always agreed with Coco Chanel – a girl (or guy in my opinion) should be two things: classy and fabulous. To me, that’s how I define chic. 

Jessica is wearing a Chico’s Tie-Dye Tunic.


Where I’m at: On my lanai, multi-tasking. Working and home schooling – incorporating an art class in with my children.  

How the recent world shift has changed the way you work and live:  Although we as a human race have never faced such unnerving and uncertain times, I try to find my own personal positives. I get to enjoy the presence of my children while I am working from home. My kids are doing so much more together now that they are forced to spend time with one another and surprisingly enjoying it! I am using what would have been my commute time to now exercise and meditate. We as a family are getting to sit down and have dinner together every night. While I am looking forward to the world getting back to “normal” I am enjoying the little things that we can so easily take for granted.  

What I want to be wearing: The Chico’s Medallion Print Silk Ruana Wrap from our Spring collection.  

How I’m practicing self-care: I have taken up yoga! I downloaded a yoga app, I use it every morning to prepare my body and mind for the day.  I also seem to be enjoying a lot more bubble baths.  

How do you define chic now: Chic to me is a mindset more so now than ever. Having that positive, determined outlook on life shines inside and out.  


We want to see how you’re keeping it chic at home. Tag us @lovechicos and #chicathome for a chance to be featured on our social channels. Can’t wait to see you! 

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