Behind The Scenes At The Museum: Expo Chicago

Renowned Interior Architect, Suzanne Lovell, gives us an insider’s tour of EXPO Chicago, one of America’s largest and most prestigious art fairs. We were thrilled to tag along with her, and just as thrilled about her fabulous outfit (she’s wearing our Darcy Turtleneck, our Black Label Pintucked Slim Ankle Pants, and a Malia Chain Link Bracelet). Come along as she walks us through. 

My reasons for going to art fairs are twofold: I go to scout art for my clients, but I also love seeing what’s happening in the art world. And I may sometimes even be looking for myself! EXPO Chicago, which launched four years ago, is one of my favorite art fairs in the world, and not just because my hometown is Chicago. Located at Navy Pier, it brings together modern and contemporary art dealers from around the world to showcase a huge and excellent array of works. Join me through a tour of EXPO highlights as I share a few of my favorites.

The Contemporary Artists: These are pieces by some of the best artists working right now.

This is an acrylic and wax pastel by Grace Munakata c. 2014, one of my favorite contemporary artists out of the UK. Her work combines figures with abstract expressionism.

Here you see us placing this piece in an interior we are working on. The drawings always lend confidence to the placement of fine art within any home: it’s a dialogue between art, object, and viewer!

Nils Erik Gjerdevik is an artist that I have followed for many years, after I met him in his studio in Denmark. His colors are vibrant and his layered technique is an inspiration for a new direction in painting.

This work by Markus Linnenbrink is dense with texture, color, and dimension. The drips of paint beg for you to touch them.

A dynamic and happy piece of art sharing the warmth of the L.A. skyline by Tom McKinley c. 2015. One would swear that we are looking out the window from inside a home.

Modern Artists: These are works by twentieth century masters. They take my breath away.

Sol LeWitt’s work on paper is peaceful and strong with its linear expression of color. I could get lost in it.

Here is a group of very rare Bauhaus etchings from the early 1950s. Vibrant color is embedded in the paper, and they are in fantastic condition too!

Tom McCormick, who is one of my favorite dealers in Chicago, exhibited a painting by Kurt Lewy c. 1953, who is relatively undiscovered compared to other mid-twentieth century abstract painters. One of the great things about art fairs is discoveries like this. A wonderful work I would love to own!

See more of Suzanne at her homepage, on Pinterest, and make sure to visit her blog, which is updated daily. Her book Artistic Interiors is available on Amazon. All photos by Keri Wiginton. 

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