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We love everything about our new Spring commercial, which is all about looking and feeling fabulous. The clothes may be the star, but the breakout player is the song, which we cannot get out of our heads! We spoke to singer Angela McCluskey, a force of nature, of the band St. Bernadette about her inspiration. 

Q: How did you come up with the lyrics for the song?

I was in a hotel in LA, and I had an hour to catch a plane. I literally sat on the bed, played the music, and just sang whatever came into my head. It was very fast. But that’s the way it is sometimes! When I watched the commercial last night, I was like, “This is absolutely perfect.” It’s like the song was written for it, though it wasn’t.

Q: What does the song mean to you?

It’s about working something out and having a new outlook on life. I remember the day I wrote it very well: lots of really good things were happening. St. Bernadette, my band, is just a little band that I started as a side project, but it was becoming its own animal. It was beginning to become more popular than anything else we were doing. This was a welcome for it.

Photo Credit: Albie Mitchell

Q: The music is so catchy – can you describe it for us?

I had done a couple of tracks for Boardwalk Empire, and I loved doing all the 20’s and 30’s-style jazz with the 16-piece orchestra. It was an amazing experience. Usually for the show, they took all the old songs and just rerecorded them. I decided, “Why don’t we take this style of music and actually write some original, new songs? Add some beats, give it a modern twist, and see how it goes.” Because that kind of music, that jazz… it appeals to everybody, from 18 to 90. That music just makes you feel good. It makes you want to dance!

Yes it’s true. The song does feel very jazz age, but also modern at the same time.

That’s the beat. You take the modern beats, and you add that old fashioned sound, with a hint of the electronic, and it suddenly makes magic. You don’t know what it is about it that makes you feel, “Oh, that’s really cool” but it does. I just did a show in New York on Monday night, and it was a very cold, dark, wet, freezing night, and we all thought, “This is going to be a hard one.” But we started playing the song and it was absolutely jammed. Everyone was knocking themselves out to get to the dance floor.

Say hello to Angela on her website and Facebook page. Download that #helloimfabulous song on itunes.  

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