Sheila Johnson Stands Up 2 Cancer

Sheila Johnson, CEO of Salamander Hotels & Resorts, has done it all: started businesses, produced films, launched a line of scarves, and traveled the world. Her great passion is for art, which inspires everything she does, including her gorgeous scarf collection. Here she gives us the back-story behind the scarf she designed exclusively for Chico’s to benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer, and shares a few of her favorite things.

I have always admired people who dress well, and scarves always add something special. My favorite way to wear a scarf is any way that is flattering to the person wearing it! Draped around the neck, around the waist, over the shoulder.  Scarves are infinitely versatile.

The idea for this scarf came to me one morning as I sat under the gazebo drinking coffee. I could not get over how clear the sky was that day. The contrast of the black against the beautiful blue sky reminded me how beautiful life can be. Which was a perfect thought for Stand Up 2 Cancer.

I learned about Stand Up 2 Cancer many years ago when it first got started. I had a meeting with Laura Ziskin, Pam Williams, Rusty Roberts, and Katie Couric. They asked me to become part of this wonderful organization, whose mission it is to raise money to accelerate the pace of research and get new therapies to patients quickly, saving lives now. I was immediately personally invested. Cancer has taken the lives of so many people I love. It’s been wonderful to partner with Chico’s on this inspiring and beneficial project.

Sheila’s Favorite…

Photographer… Gordon Parks

Golf courses… Copperhead at Innisbrook

Films… Lee Daniels’ The Butler, The Red Violin, The Illusionist, Mildred Pierce, Strangers on a Train, Whiplash

Places to Travel… Italy, all of Africa, Santa Barbara, Santa Fe, Vancouver, the south of France, Monaco, Bali

Musicians … Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua Bell, Midori, John Legend, Ravel

Love the scarf and the story? You can buy it here. Part of the purchase price goes to Stand Up 2 Cancer

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2 Responses

  1. I love not only the scarf, but of course the idea behind it. Cancer robs us of so many we love, to be able to support this worthy cause is wonderful, but to me, wearing this scarf also is a beautiful reminder of those who died way too early.

  2. Joyce Suggs

    Sheila love your scarfs I own one and enjoy it, had no idea you were involved with designing a scarf for Chico’s . I found out I had breast cancer 4 years ago, I was actually printing your lookbooks for you awhile thru Deborah Hughes , chicos has been a large part of my being able to dress properly, after chemo, a double mastectomy , radiation and in plants I started getting infection after infection, 5 operations later and then the reality of having to get a tram flap last June made me start looking round for cloths I could wear without irritating my stomach and Chicos had it all, I am alive and still kicking after being in stage 3b and the healing gets better every day. The journey has been hard but many great lessons. I am grateful for people like you who care. Yes I am still working and life has its challenges as we all know but then that’s life.. Thank you for all you do!

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