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DeJuan Stroud is the first call many tastemakers make when planning an event. His centerpieces are at the heart of some pretty glamourous parties. His secret? His love for flowers is evident in everything he does. Here he shares his tips for making garden-inspired Easter arrangements with bulbs. Leave out the candy for a lovely taste of spring. 

I consider Easter the gateway holiday for spring and for gardens. At this time of year you’re always able to get a really wide variety of blooming bulbs, like tulips, hyacinths, tete-a-tetes, and daffodils everywhere from nurseries to grocery stores to farmer’s markets. The guiding spirit of all of these arrangements is taking blooming plants and organizing them into a little mini garden for your house or table.

You can buy the flowers relatively inexpensively in plain plastic pots– grow pots– and then arrange them cradled in sheet moss, which you can get at a nursery or a gardening store. What we’ve done here is fill a large crate with a variety of multi-colored spring flowers: brilliant purple hyacinths, a deep purple tulip, yellow tulip, orange ranunculus, that pale blue hyacinth, which is also known as a great hyacinth. All together it’s as if you’ve got your own little garden on the table.

I like to pull a bulb or two out of the pot, clean it off, and share that tender sprout. To feature it against the turf is so beautiful and unexpected. It feels almost wild.  Add some of your favorite Easter candy, and you’re done!

For more about DeJuan go to his homepage and follow him on instagram. His book “Designing Life’s Celebrations” has a wealth of inspiring ideas for floral decor and entertaining. All photos by Elizabeth Cohen. 

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