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Charlotte Moss and the Art of Collage

About 30 years ago, designer and author Charlotte Moss, left Wall Street and emerged as a “Decorator to Watch” on the pages of House & Garden. Her dynamic interior design business has attained international recognition as a model of Southern style, wit, hospitality and, of course, luxury. She was recently named to Elle Décor’s Grand Masters list of top designers. A truly creative person, she shared her passion for her favorite hobby with us: collage. 

I have always collected things, wherever I go, whether they were shells, objects, ideas, quotes, or images taken by my camera. It was natural that I would be drawn to collage.

As I am a visually inspired person, collage has been my vehicle for recording and retaining important moments in my life, as well as absorbing things that I’m drawn to: still lifes, gardens, interiors, and fashion, among others. The medium welcomes chance findings and randomness, as the consequence might be a totally unintended one.

These collages, put into books, have become my treasured visual memoirs, personal story boards, my inspiration, and my creative outlet for years—the DNA of my design aesthetic as well as the story of my life so far. And I’m more aware than ever about the importance of these hand-recorded memories and dreams for my family and the future.

Excerpt from Charlotte Moss’s book, A Visual Life, available here. 

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