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How To Throw A DIY Shower

Bridal or Baby? It’s that time of year… shower season! Amy Howard, one of our favorite DIY experts, explains how she recently handled a friend’s wedding shower from start to finish. It was beautiful, and the guests even got to learn a thing or two. We love this unique take on getting friends together to celebrate. 

There is no sweeter joy than celebrating special events with the ones you love. To serve a loved one is to serve them in a way you know will bring them thoughtful delight. I recently had this pleasure when I hosted a wedding shower for a longtime friend.

When my girlfriends see someone else do something remarkable, they typically say, “I could never do that!” And I have to tell you—I despise that phrase more than any other—we just need someone to show us. So I took their words to heart, brainstormed, and served my guests what they secretly wanted: to learn something new.

Just as the last guest arrived, I ushered everyone into my kitchen and announced that I had invited them to a DIY Shower! They were about to learn those things they never thought they could do before.

We commenced the event with a lesson from a (handsome!) French pastry chef in the art of making the perfect French macarons from scratch. These little confections are all the rage right now, and we were thrilled to find out we could make them at home.

While our adorable pink pastries were in the oven, filling the house with amazing smells, we received a floral design lesson from my favorite local floral expert. Little did my guests know that the same awe-inspiring floral arrangements placed throughout my home were actually examples of what they were about to make.

Needless to say, everyone was ecstatic over the heap of guided lessons. My heart swelled as I began to hear, “I never knew something so beautiful could be so easy!” and “I think I could go home and do this!” instead of the aforementioned, “I could never do that!”

Never one to feel held to the traditional version of anything, I’m a believer in shining the boldest and brightest parts of your creativity. I am incredibly glad my guests were happy with my “unconventional”, but oh-so-delightful wedding shower!

Amy has tons more useful, helpful, and beautiful ideas for transforming all aspects of your home. Check out her blog here

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    Loves the Diy party idea. Growing up kind of poor I gound if I wants it I could make….it has served me well and given me confidence I may never have developed. Fun idea thanks….Louise

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