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Meet The Artist: Shannon Kaye

Shannon Kaye has been transforming homes with paint and color since 2000 when she started her decorative painting and color consulting business. She has hosted makeover shows on tv, produces and hosts videos for national brands, and is featured regularly in magazines and on blogs for her color, design and paint advice. Her newest passion is for pillows made with digital images of her beautiful paintings. She answered a few of our questions about her inspiration and process.

Your entire career has been focused on interiors. What is it about the home environment that motivates you?

I grew up in a big family where color, decorating, music and creativity were a normal part of our daily lives. I discovered decorative painting during art school and quickly became hooked on this gorgeous and challenging traditional art form where the canvas is much larger than normal; it’s a wall, a room, a house… that’s very exciting to me.

How did you go from decorative painting and television to making home goods? And why did you start with pillows?

Ha! It has been a journey!  When I got into television and videos, I loved the work, and I really enjoyed the people I was working with, but I felt a little frustrated. I wasn’t spending as much time on my art. I started painting small floral pieces, just for me. One day, I was asked to decorate a pillow for a fundraiser auction. I glanced over at those paintings and it hit me! If I could print an image of my paintings onto fabric, my painting could transform a pillow into a piece of art! The rest, as they say, is history.

Why pillows?

Who doesn’t love a good pillow? We use them throughout our lives and enjoy them for some of our most intimate and familiar activities; having a good chat with a close friend on the couch, propping up our feet when we’re working on the computer (or in front of the tv), grabbing a cushion for our backs as we settle in to a long Holiday dinner. Throwing a colorful pillow on a chair can totally change the look of an otherwise empty corner in a room. I love giving pillows as gifts: they are always a happy surprise!

What motivates you to keep creating? 

Turning everyday objects into art has deepened my passion for painting. If I see someone plop onto one of my pillows and stretch out across the sofa or watch them place it perfectly in the center of a well-made bed; that just makes me feel amazing. You can keep them crisp and tidy, or jump into them as part of your daily routine. Either way, collecting pillows in a mix of colors, shapes, textures and pattern is a great way to give your home a uniquely personal and luxurious look. My pillows are made with exceptional linen in unique size: I think they fit better on furniture than many standard sized cushions. They have sustainable kapok (a luxurious renewable fiber) inserts and are all made domestically, which also makes me very proud.

Find Shannon’s work at her boutique, Plein Heir. 


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