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Want something deliciously different to do at your next family gathering? Look no further than . Started by Kristen Tomlan, she is trying to take cookie dough to cupcake levels of popularity. (Why has nobody thought of this before?) She ships her colorful concoctions nationwide and even has gluten-free and vegan options. Read on for more.

Q: Why cookie dough?

Why not cookie dough? Cookie dough has always been a favorite treat of mine. It’s everyone’s guilty pleasure. Nobody was doing cookie dough in unique flavors.

Q: What about cookie dough do you think brings people together?

It’s delicious. Plus, I think people love that it’s kind of forbidden. When you allow somebody to eat something that they were always told not to eat, they like it even more. Cookie dough is also something that people love sharing. Everybody has a great reaction to it, so why not share it?

Q: What are some fun ways to use cookie dough?

I love to eat it straight out of the container. You can also bake it into cookies. It’s a fun activity to do with kids or the grandkids when they’re around. (We use the best ingredients and no raw eggs, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick.)

The best? Making ice cream sandwiches, with some cookie dough, and fresh baked cookies. I like to add a scoop of cookie dough with the ice cream. There are endless variations: you can do two different cookies, for example. Most of all, have fun!

Visit  to see all of Kristen’s delicious flavors. Follow her on Instagram here. All photos by Elizabeth Cohen.

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