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Bettie Champagne

Last year, our very special holiday guest star was Baxter, nee Maybelline. This year, it’s our great honor to introduce you to Bettie Champagne, the woman behind the puppy. Globetrotter, tastemaker, hostess extraordinaire, she graciously gave us a peek inside her remarkable life. 

Introduce yourself: Name, age, occupation

Of course: I’m Bettie Champagne, my age is ageless, and by day I’m a world famous model and socialite. At night, I am a world champion sleeper.

It’s the holiday season. How do you typically spend the holidays?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I spend it at my small estate near Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. There, I wake up and go for a short dip in the sea- swimming is the best way to keep my figure in some sort of shape. After a small breakfast of egg whites, turkey bacon, and spinach kibble, I enjoy a brief nap by the pool. In the afternoon, I like to have friends over for a glass of wine, a chew toy, and a good chat. I usually go to bed early- I need my beauty sleep- after my skincare routine, and a good drink of water.

That sounds amazing. What about Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

The only places I ever consider spending Christmas and New Year’s are in New York City or Paris. The cities empty out, and we locals have them to ourselves (I have a pied-a- terre between Madison and 5th in New York, and in the 6ème Arrondissement in Paris.) If I’m in Paris, I go to dinner with Ina and Jeffrey. In New York, I stop by The Pierre for tea. I’ve also been known to sneak out to the movies and Chinese food. But don’t tell anyone! Then, the first week in January, I head out to a very private dog spa in Tucson for a week or so, to recover from all that holiday fun! Wellness tip: agility training is the best way to fight those winter pounds.

How do you keep your look fresh over the holidays? What are your go-to pieces?

Gold, shimmer, and shine: I’m all about great accessories. I love to add sparkle to my collar with a great pin or a bow. And I never leave the house without a great bag (for my owner to carry me in. My feet go gelid at a hint of cool air!) I also love animal prints- cheetah? Yes please! (But don’t get me started on cats…)

What’s on your wishlist?

I’d love a great big pillow to curl up on, a deliciously venison scented candle- I need good scent around me, and venison is perfectly wintery. And of course, I can never have too many chic collars.

What are you loving about this time in your life?

I’m so grateful to get to travel the world, seeing and smelling all sorts of interesting places and meeting fascinating pups and people. Here’s to more in 2017.

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51 Responses

  1. Bonita Allen

    What a adorable little lady,i have 2 I’m sure they would be best buds.i also love new York and I love the shopping there very nice to meet you Bettie

  2. carol nalaski

    A prize-winning ad…. Hope you contract a company to manufacture a stuffed animal likeness of her…. Id love one
    … as well as my great great nephew

  3. Doris Killian

    I love living at Chicos
    Being carried in a Shaylee Tote
    It’s so warm and beautiful
    I don’t even need a coat!!!!

    I am petite and love Cicos Zenergys..

  4. Diane Francis

    May I suggest that next years dog be a rescue to highlight the need for people to stop breeding and start rescuing their BFF’s. Approximately 10K HEALTHY dogs and cats are euthanized EVERY day in the US. Thank you for considering highlighting a rescue dog next year.

  5. Mary Ann Rinaldi

    Bettie and I would go to Paris for New Year’s eve and take a ride on the Seine at midnight for champagne and welcome in the New Year in our Chico’s holiday clothes.

  6. Dana

    Oh Bettie, my Penelope says you look Marvelous!!
    She thinks that the two of you strolling through the park in your jewels would be such fun. And then you could each nap in your momma’s Chico bag. Think of all the fun you could have!!

  7. Rebecca Kerchner-Love

    Betti sounds like an amazing companion. Now I miss my little Poppy even more. She was a good ball, not at all a proper lady.

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