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Cindy Joseph

When we cast Cindy Joseph in our new mailer, we had no idea how truly inspiring she was. The former makeup artist was discovered as a model at 49. A few years later, she founded BOOM, the first “pro-aging” skincare line. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to introduce Cindy to you, and let her share her story in her own words. 

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Q: How did you get started as a model?

I started modeling 16 years ago. I was on the street talking to a girlfriend in New York City and I was approached by a casting agent. I was 49 at the time. I had been working in fashion studios, as a make-up artist, every day for 25 years, never asked to model, never thought about modeling, and this person walked up to me and said, “Can we take your Polaroid? We’re scouting for a Dolce & Gabbana campaign.” I thought it was a joke. Long story short, it was the real thing. Ford Models signed me and I have had a fabulous 15-year career.

Q: What was the response?

I began to get approached on the street by women my age, older and younger, and they were very excited to find out that there is now a place for the older woman in the fashion industry. What I discovered is that  women out there in the world are thrilled to see a silver-haired model with crow’s feet representing them and the products they love. And a lot of them walk up to me, and say, “I’m growing my silver hair out because of you.”

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Q: What gave you the idea to do the makeup line?

Well, it all started when I was a teenager. I grew up in the ‘60s. I was really into the fake eyelashes, and the white lips and all the makeup– the Twiggy look. I not only did it on myself, I did it on my girlfriends, which eventually turned into a career as a makeup artist.

What inspired me to create a pro-age cosmetic line was realizing that every cosmetic company throughout the world, no matter who they were marketing towards– teenagers, the girl next door, the professional, or the lady who lunches– was promoting anti-age. They only offered anti-wrinkle cream, anti-aging cream, and concealers designed to camouflage and cover age. I wanted women to understand that the signs of age are something to be celebrated and to wear with pride. Our crow’s feet and our silver hair are the medals of honor that we have earned by living long, rich, and passionate lives.

We’re taught that there’s a prime of life. I say throw that out the door. Every moment is your prime. There is no peak. It just gets better.

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Q: What is your personal style philosophy?

I think it’s time for each women to honor themselves and create their own style. The Pro-age revolution is an inside job. If you choose to dye your hair and smooth your wrinkles, do it with gusto and joy. It is about listening to what feels good to you. I do remind women to check their motivation. What is driving you to make your decisions, fun or fear? Taking joy in life is a woman’s best style tool!

Style comes from knowing yourself, feeling sure about who you are and feeling confident in your choices. One of the many wonderful things about getting older is having a deeper understanding of self.

Style is something that develops as you continue living your life. It’s kind of like going into a candy store. If you’ve never had candy, you grab every flavor, and you stuff it in your mouth. But after you’ve been eating candy for quite a few years, you zero in on exactly what you like. I want 72 percent cocoa with a little bit of salt and a little bit of caramel. And that’s the kind that you know like best. And I think it’s true of style.

Q: Any advice for those of us looking to find our best style?

I did it like this: When I traveled I would look in the closet in the hotel room. I noticed I brought what I liked best. That told me something about what I felt comfortable in. Another thing I paid attention to was what I chose to wear when all my clothes were clean and in my closet. The clothes I went to over and over again were the ones that worked for me, the clothes I felt most comfortable in. I started wearing only the fabrics, the colors, the cut and shape that I felt most like me. When you feel good in your clothes, you look best in your clothes.

Watch what else Cindy has to say here:

Want to see more of Cindy? Check out BOOM cosmetics here. We recommend the Boomsticks- especially the Glimmer.

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97 Responses

  1. Elizabeth B. Chentis

    I am 75 years old, and I look fabulous by taking care of my skin and healthy eating habits. I enjoyed Cindy’s story. I am Asian, and when I came to US at 40 years old, people stare at me and I was so insecure why they stared, until a sales lady surprised me when she came to me with this question-” Are you an actress? You are so beautiful! Another instance was when someone approached me id I wan to be in the movies Wow! I realize that people admired my being myself, a wholesome personality, good posture and wearing clothes that compliments your age. I wear a 0 Chico’s brand and simple jewelry.

    I am still working as a consultant in the EDUCATION field.

    I don’t have a website- some pictures of my self through the years.


  2. Dianne W. Fuzek.

    As a 76 year old woman, I am realistic enough not to aspire to look young again. However, I DO NOT want to resign myself to wearing a moo-moo and dully rocking ( in a chair) the rest of my life away. I don’t mind my age – although my weight/shape is another thing. I do still like to look nice( and have my husband think so.) Chico’s styles are affordable, stylish, and well fitting – clothing for all ages and bodies, making us all look good. I get a real ego/morale boost when i am approached by strangers complimenting my outfit. I understand fashion and clothing manufacturers try to keep current, but there are an extraordinary numbers of shops catering to the hip young consumers who create today’s ( and seemingly today only) fashion trends of torn /worn skin-tight jeans, poorly ” rag bag” constructed jackets and tops apparently only intended to last a short time. Chico’s – please continue to provide garments that can be worn for more that one season, and that “live” gracefully through washing.

  3. Paula Beers

    Excited about Cindy! Saw her and her products
    on Facebook. Interested in her make-up line.
    Will persue! I am 69 but look younger.
    I am a Chickette! My closet is full of Chico’s!!

  4. Elaan

    When I grow up, I want to be like you!

    Upon turning 49 last month, my much younger coworkers teased me about it being my “last birthday”. I responded that it’s good to be me, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Five years ago I gave birth to my third child, lost 90 pounds, and stopped coloring my silvering hair. I only wish I could have felt this confident when I was 19.

  5. Eight years ago I had my second son at the age of 45. Clothes from Chicos really help me to feel and look my best when I’m at school with my son who is now in second grade. I love what Cindy said regarding joy in life being a woman’s best style tool! She is an inspiration. Here’s to Wisdom and Beauty of the Ages!

  6. M. Henry

    story is inspiring. I do love that you are using older models but…..I think the cover photo makes her look like she needs a hairbrush. I’m 60. I don’t know anyone who goes out with their hair like that! (but her makeup is lovely!)

  7. Marcia

    i would enjoy seeing chico’s using models that represent the national norm — some of have a little more weight than others…

  8. Nancy Bell

    I agree. I don’t think her hair looks good either. Her pictures throughout the catalogue are the same.

  9. I’m a fan of Cindy’s from a long time back, but especially now that she is speaking out so beautifully about changing our attitude toward aging. As a 73-year-old spiritual mentor, author and speaker, I’m very interested in also being a role model for enjoying every chapter of life and for empowering women. And, I’m also a fan of Chico’s!

  10. LaDonna Johnson

    Cindys story is very inspiring – I am 77 years old and have been a Chicos customer for years – my dear husband who passed away 4 years ago always found the nearest Chicos store for me when we vacationed. He always referred to me as Mrs. Chico to our friends ?. I am a 00 bottom and O top – these are petite sizes and until recently I have had to struggle to enjoy your beautiful clothing. I am still hoping to see your golf line in those sizes, yes I still play golf, not very good but still at it. I love Cindys hair! thank you for being so natural and graceful as you matured – you are an inspiration to all of us.

  11. Julie Preston

    I love what Chicos has done this Spring, and I love seeing Cindy and hearing her story! I also love her hair! I am 67 years old and have let my hair go naturally salt & pepper for several years and kept it short. Cindy has inspired me to let it grow out! I love the clothes Chicos is showing this Spring, and there are several pieces I want to purchase as I can afford them. Thank you Cindy and Chicos for showing that there is beauty at every age!

  12. cindy

    I agree, why not have models who wear a 2 or a 3, and not young ones. People who have aged gracefully but are not skinny as a rail!

  13. nina

    I’m 63 and have worn Chico’s happily for 15 years. I also enjoy the “natural” look, & salt/pepper hair color. However, I agree with others that Cindy’s hairstyle on the cover & inside…. looks like she just walked in from a rain shower and didn’t have a chance to brush her hair. Not what makes me smile….

  14. Jan

    I love Chico’s and the way the clothes are so unique and stylish without trying to make me into something I am not. I am small framed and not too tall so it is hard to find something that my granddaughters might wear. I feel up to date in styles that flatter me and just because something fits, may not fit my lifestyle and maturity. I have to add also I love Cindy Joseph’s Boom Silk products!!!! Chico’s and Cindy, can’t lose!

  15. Frances Williams

    I’m 80 years old and everyone thinks I’m 60 or younger. I’ve been been wearing chico’s for 20 years and am pleased to see Cindy as a model who is not size 0. I am a size 2 in most items and get compliments all the time in chico’s fashions. I love the spring fashions and will be purchasing many of them. I have not let my hair go silver yet as I don’t feel it’s a flattering look for me at this time.

  16. Cindy

    I read Cindy’s story and I too find it inspiring. I don’t know what some of you are talking about… How can you love Cindy’s story but not her hair (!)? It suits her perfectly as it looks carefree and a bit wild and adventurous, just like she seems to be. By the way, I really appreciate a good name, too! 🙂

  17. Bonnie Ledford

    It is wonderful and so refreshing to see Chico’s using aging women as models and role models. I wish they would use women in cities throughout the country and give others an opportunity to share their great “Chico’s” style and mature beauty. I would love to be a part of this positive campaign. I always hope I am an inspiration to other women in their 60’s and older.

  18. Mary Hyland

    I agree it is so nice to see Chico’s using more mature women. I will be 70 years old this year and have short silver/gray hair. I was retired for 4 years and decided I missed not working and so went back to work part time in the career I had for 35 years as an optician. I have worn Chico’s clothing almost exclusively for years. I love the style and wearability of their clothes. Keep it up Chico’s you’re doing a great job with your fashion in clothes and the beautiful women who model them.

  19. Deb GP

    Thank you Cindy!! You look awesome! I love getting older, I’ve earned it. I love that Chico’s lets me dress stylish, like the women I feel like inside.

  20. Lilac T

    I think Cindy’s hair looks great! It moves and doesn’t look stiff with products. I think it flatters her gorgeous face. In fact, I am saving the pictures to cut my hair like this. I’m 57 with gray wavy hair & like a natural look. To each their own. 🙂

  21. Jane
    March 17, 2016

    Thank you Cindy. I wish more women would follow there own path with such grace. Your appearance shows that you like youself. You have found an amount of peace in your heart soul and life. The soft confident smile and calm look in your eyes says it all. I’m 62 years young. I don’t have much but I have me , and I’m happy. I’ve learned that no one can take your glow away from you unless you let them. Never forget to be good to you. I hope more companies follow the Chico’s way of dressing real women.

  22. Eileen

    I agree with one remark from above “fix her hair please.”. I like Cindy’s inspirational story. But I don’t like the natural gray hair that she does on all of the pictures. I don’t like the new catalogue. I don’t like all the natural hair that is shown on the screen catalogue. Frankly, I think the old catalogue looked much better. And I liked the way the clothes were shown on the old catalogue models. I love Chico’s clothes. My closet is filled with your clothes.

  23. I am 75 years old and I weigh the same thing I did when I was 18 . I wear a 00 in chicos and have 70 jackets and 45 pair of pants , I wear only chicos and turn heads wherever I go . People ask me where I get my clothes. Have friends that ask me why I am still buying clothes and jewelry at this age and I say I am not dead yet! I love it and I love dressing up every day!! Will until I die!!

  24. My boyfriend is a pilot and we fly all over the country to fly In club events and I always show up dressed had to toe in chicos! What fun to plan all of my outfits. I am obsessed with chicos!!! Everyone wants to know where I get all of these clothes??? I have given you a lot of new customers! You make my life wonderful ! Thanks Mary Louise dickehut

  25. Suzanne Balkenbush

    I was shocked at your new cover model. I am 60 years old and definitely don’t want to look my age. The model looks much older than 65 to me probably because of the silver hair. I am sure she is a very nice lady, but she is not what I would want my company image to be. I am a professional and worked part-time for Chicos off and on for 15+ years. The model with the short blonde hair that you have used for many years looks more like the type of woman I would want to cater to. Very disappointed in Chico’s recent decisions on new models and the type of clothes you are carrying. I used to buy all my clothes from Chicos, but can hardly find anything I like there anymore.

  26. Patrycia

    Love this new approach Chico’s! And love what Cindy”s encouraging we “boomers” to remember about our true value. This is what we were aiming at back in the early women’s movement of the 60’s/70’s. The problem is we were in our “prime” then and during the ensuing years Madison Ave indoctrinated us with images screaming that we must somehow STAY looking like that. As a result, some of the hard won confidence faltered as our mirrors reflected reality. Thanks Chico’s and thanks Cindy for reorienting us! Chico’s style allows us to look & feel good at this age & size. And we can either smooth wrinkles & color grey – or not – by choice. (I hope to hang on to Cindy’s admonition regarding this: that whatever we chose, our inner motivation for doing so should blossom out of the fun of expressing ourselves not out of fear of not being quite “right”!) Hope all of my early “sisters” are reading this too!

  27. Bix da Bix

    Ladies, I think you missed the point. There are many ways to look but only one way to be yourself. Not everyone cares for yours, mine, or anyone else’s look. Get over it. I applaud Chico’s for challenging us as to what is beautiful.

  28. c

    It is wonderful to see Chicos begin to use models who are my age. I am 68 and don’t want to be or look younger. I’m comfortable in my own skin and yet I’m looking for clothing that is age appropriate yet stylish, and fits comfortably. I have pretty much found that with Chicos which is why I have worn their clothes almost exclusively for going on 10 years. When I do venture into a Chicos store (I shop mostly online these days) I only see women my age or older, seldom younger. I’d like Chicos to also pay more attention to hiring sales staff that is more accurately reflects my age group or is at least more sensitive to us more experienced (I won’t use the word older) women.

  29. Regena

    Cindy looks beautiful and so comfortable being her true self. Seeing Chico’s new model made me smile and feel good. I put oval mirror in my grand kiddo room with this above it “Make your own kind of Beautiful”
    Cindy has accomplished that and is radiant. Love Chico clothes and plan on checking out Cindy’s product line, too.

  30. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you for using Cindy, who is not merely gorgeous, but who is a wonderful role model for anyone of any age!

  31. Emily Rose Grisham

    I am forty-nine and I always have a Sharp Chico outfit on when I go out, everyone marvels and stares at me! They always ask me where I buy my clothes! I have to say, I look great and they alway make me feel so good!!! I would love to be a model for Chicos!!! I wear a size two, but I believe in the other comments, Chicos should have size two and three size models!! One thing I love about Chico’s, I can’t wait to get my new catalog in the mail to see not only the new fashions but the next destination they showcase!! I love to travel and most of my best outfits from Chicos are for going on a fun trip!! Keep making good quality clothing in fun beautiful colors!!! Thank you for all you do for us!!

  32. Former Chico's Shopper

    Really disappointed with the new marketing direction for Chico’s. I do not want to be branded with a store featuring the 65+ target market as a chic professional woman in my 40’s. That’s what Talbot’s is for. Chico’s has gone back in time after finally moving away from the perception as the store for your retired Mother/Grandmother living in Florida! The new commercial is horrible. Why wait until the end to show the face and age of the model if it’s not a problem. The Chico’s clothes are not the focus after that shot and lose all appeal to a huge market that once shopped exclusively at Chico’s. The new store website models are just as jarring. Again, the clothes are lost and lose appeal and relatibility. Looks like I am headed to Ann Taylor for chic on trend clothes for my demographic. Chico’s is back to being the accessories store. BTW, WHBM is not an option since the sizing is cut for skinny sticks.

  33. I just turned 55 and have worked at a global Fortune 500 company as as Vice President for 25 years. Last month I was replaced by a much younger person and my job was eliminated. After the initial blow to my ego and made to feel no longer valuable, I have now embarked on starting my own marketing consulting company, and am so charged up about the future! I feel and look better than I ever have! I found Cindy’s story incredibly inspiring and want to THANK Chico’s for celebrating women of all ages! Please keep it up!

  34. annette

    I have followed Cindy Josephs career for a while. I think she a beautiful, sophisticated and sexy lady. I find her to be inspirational. I was so excited to see her modeling for Chico’s. She has made the clothes even more beautiful. As far as her hair goes…..i love it!

  35. Lyn Hunter

    I have been a Chicos fan about 10 years, I just turned 72 this last week, and I feel great, my husband and I bicycle with our friends every weekend, weather permitting, I love outdoor activities, such as Zip lineing , and rollercoasters with my grandkids. I love looking younger than 65, and the complements I get when I wear my Chicos outfits. I especially like the new Cindy line you have started. Thank you Chicos.

  36. Melanie

    Chicos missed the boat on this one! I’m sorry, but as a 62 year old Executive Director I would not be seen in the clothes that you are now marketing. And Cindy’s hair is a mess – not a good look. You’ve lost my business.

  37. I have worn Chico’s clothing for 15 years and love new items monthly. I’m 70 with tinted red hair, tall and size 3. I buy the travel clothing and zenergy. Cindy need to fix her hair as do the other models. I love green but this catalog is not my favorite. I use Lancome and have few lines. I want to look in my 50s.

  38. Phyllis George

    Bix da Bix well said. I don’t see anything wrong with Chico’s using Cindy as a model with her graying hair. All women are beautiful in different ways. I see nothing wrong with the new catalog. As a Chico’s customer it is nice to see some women model there clothes who are not all small sticks.

  39. Eleanor Miller

    Wow Melanie,that’s a bit hard isn’t it,everyone is allowed their own opinion but no need to be cutting.

  40. Elle

    Wow!!! I’d forgotten about Chico’s until I saw the incredibly stunning and gorgeous Cindy Joseph modeling your clothing. I’m speechless and thrilled and inspired by Chico’s because you are now appealing in a much broader sense to the baby boomer generation of women. Hooray! We’re being “seen” again thanks to Chico’s.

    I have personally contacted the catalogue companies like Sundance, Soft Surroundings, and others that mail me catalogues with beautiful clothing worn by teenagers. I informed them that I will no longer purchase clothing from them and asked them to take me off their mailing lists until they start using beautiful silver-haired models (or at least one!) in their marketing campaigns. We boomers have the deep pockets and many more should be marketing to us.

    Cindy’s message about embracing our age, being proud of our lives and our accumulated wisdom, instead of trying to push back time really resonates with many of us. I stopped coloring my hair when I noticed silver roots. I felt that I looked pathetic trying to cover up my age. You can’t color your roots the minute the silver starts emerging from your scalp and so I just decided to bite the bullet and let it grow out. I found a color specialist who pearlized my hair (put in highlights of platinum) to help the growing out process and now I get compliments wherever I go.

    Chico’s! You rock! Thank you for featuring the absolutely gorgeous Cindy Joseph in your new clothing line. She and your clothes are “off the map” beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    1. Ell, would love to know more about your hair color….
      I am growing out my gray but need a bit of help what color does your color specialist us to achieve the pearlized platinum highlights? Hope you will post it if you know the brand and color…. Thank you…Boom rocks so does Chico’s???

  41. Chico's

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful comments. We love hearing from each of you. Please keep reading, commenting and sharing.

  42. Mary

    I’m 87, 51/2″, weigh 132. I live in warm, humid climate but desire clothing that covers most of my body (blue ankles, excess brown spots), but obviously must be light weight. Chico’s answers !

  43. Pat Linder

    I have bought and worn Chico’s for over 20 years. I’m 70. I have four beautiful daughters ranging in age from 28 to 45. They love Chico’s also and can always find something geared to their age and style. As far as Cindy’s hair….I love it. Hair was not meant to be sprayed til it doesnt move. Gray is gorgeous and can be shiny, silvery and wonderful. Maybe we older women cannot wear skinny jeans or leggings, but I have four wonderful pairs of jeans in wonderful colors that flatter my “matronly” figure….all from Chicos. Wear what makes you feel good.

  44. Patricia Reback

    I agree with al the positive comments and not at all with the negative ones. There are dozens of stores that cater to the working woman with an attitutde, and not much for women who appreciate that they are older and do not want to look like mutton dressed as lamb. Chicos provides us with great cothes that wear and trave well. The jewelry is also current, and, as a 73 year old, I do not feel as if I had stepped out looking like my grandmother. The clothes are comtemporary enough without showing the bits and bobs that we would rather not show, whether you are a 00 or a 3 (soory skin sags, even if you are in shape and have not gained weight). I am a size 0/0.5 depending, but can always rely on Chicos to supply w=me with what I need to complete my wardrobe. I have been a Chico’s chopper for over 12 years, and buy almost exclusively from Chicos. I am glad that older women are being celebrated, and that they provide an avenue for us that is not MODE-O-DAY (for those of you old enough to remember your grandmother’s favorite shop in California). I personally have worn my hair natural as grey/ black hair looks good on many of us. I laike the messy look too. What is this about not being professional? AS if tattoos and nose rings of the younger generation are any more professional than messy hair? And, for those of you “professional women” of today, try being the only neuroscientist in a group of chauvanistic men who were always asking you to get coffee; no matter how “professional” we looked, we were still the hired help to these slobs who wore cords and lumber jackets. We felt we truly arrived when we could get away with wearing the same garb, so stop fooling yourselves about a professional look. You will have made it when you can get away with wearing what you want to wear.

  45. annette

    I forgot to add to my previous comment…I am hoping to see Cindy Joseph in more of your catalogs. She just adds a special sparkle. Keep up the good work Chico’s.

  46. Barbara Hansen

    Hey girls, just thank God you are fortunate to be able to wear any size Chico clothing I’m 79 years young at heart but don’t know who that woman is in the bathroom mirror. My health took a nosedive after my son passed from cancer in 2011. He was 49 years old and was close to 180 lbs before the cancer took him or rather the chemo & radiation, he was 70 lbs when that day came 14 months later. Until then, I was a hot chic in Chico’s clothing everyday till he died, and then I found out that my spine was deteriorating and I lost 4 inches in height, couldn’t stand up straight, couldn’t walk without pain from my porch to my car {sitting meant no pain},therefore, I have now gained 25 lbs at the height of 4’10”. My hair is Bone White, and still shiny and beautiful, nails look great, BUT nothing in my totally Chico’s closet fits at all. I have gone from a 1.5 to a 4. I need to do WW or something but just don’t have the motivation or care. So girls, just be more appreciative of who you are and stop criticizing others, be grateful you look as good as you do. Sounds like high school when someone’s got a jealousy problem, God Bless Cindy for HER look , not ours. Clothes are not important anymore to me, my spirit is.

    1. Donna K. Emerson

      Dear Barbara, I hear what you are saying, as I’ve lost a sister and both parents to cancer. I’ve had it myself. Broken ankles, 5 back surgeries, hip replacement, osteoporosis, etc. Try Silver Sneakers. It is great for us older folks who want to continue to stretch and move, but have physical problems. Since it is for older folks, many of us have lost loved ones, and know that it is an effort to just get through the day sometimes. Take care of yourself, trust in God, and learn to live life again. Perhaps a visit to Chico’s would boost your spirit. Even if the clothes don’t fit…perhaps some new jewels will lift your spirit. Take care.

  47. Barbara. Blanton

    I love Cindy Joseph, use her makeup and have been a Chico’s customer for 27 years. I have gray hair cut like your darling model from Begium. I lived in Belgium for 3 years so have a special affinity for her anyhow.

    I buy fewer clothes now at age 77 and retired but still start any shopping trips at Chicos. The one thing I can’t wear are Chico jeans because they are too tight in the legs to be flattering so I have gone back to Lees jeans. Too bad you have decided all your women have slim legs. Would that it be true!…..and that you have cancelled the ink color in Travelers.

  48. Barbara. Blanton

    Barbara H., I am so sorry to hear of your painful and sad time over the past years. I can’t imagine the awfulness of losing a child to cancer. I can imagine having a debilitating back pain over time and what that can do to you physically, emotionally spiritually and health wise because am in the middle of that myself. I hope you have a doc that you like and you have the therapy and pain mess you need. Sincerely, B

  49. I love that we as older women are learning to embrace our looks. It is challenging at times for me to see the wrinkles and embrace the loss of my youth. As a two time cancer survivor, author, founder and CEO of a foundation to orphans in Africa; (www.drlynnandtheorphans.com), winner of The Independent Country Music Associations Folk Artist of the Year in 2013 at the age of 57, and as a retired Naturopathic doctor who values the lifestyle of organic and healthy living, I am grateful that Chico’s is inspiring older women to be beautiful and comfortable. At the age of 61 it’s all about comfort! Peace to you..Dr Lynn Schriner

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  51. eleanor

    I am also glad to see Chico’s using an older model. I don’t understand the mean comments from some of you. I like Chico’s clothes and have worn them for many years. I don’t care for the new website, especially the jerkiness of the ale photos (and some in other departments), but if we give Chico’s a chance perhaps we’ll love the final result.

    Back to our hairstyles. I have a serious and extraordinarily painful neuromuscular disease. For years I could barely tolerate clothing but, somehow, Chico’s was among the best. True, they were often using cotton/rayon clothes that were comfy & could breathe. Polyester & Co. just don’t deliver the same feeling in the body. Today I look carefully and if possible, there may still be something for me. It’s like Xmas!

    As far as the silver hair look goes, let me explain to some who aren’t here already. As we age, color doesn’t cover the gray for a great many of us. Or, if it does, our scalp becomes very itchy and hair easily falls out. Due to shingles a few years ago, I became allergic to everything in contact with my skin. The decision to finally become silver was made for me. One’s hair is thinner and finer, thus much harder to style. Some areas thicker than others and plenty of people end up with very thin hair they cover with a wig. Today, I’m almost white-haired in most areas, with a silvery gray in others. I avoid as many products as possible and yes, my hair could be compared to Cindy’s, but whiter and somewhat thicker. I’m just glad to have it as after having shingles I lost so much of it. Many of us can’t use the products that guarantee to make us look better (have you ever checked the contents?). We’re natural.

    One’s coloring is changed b/c white is no color. If you’re pale skinned, it’s especially difficult to find colors in both make-up and clothing that enhance one’s looks. I’ve been fortunate. I’m constantly told that my hair is beautiful and my husband thinks the same. Oddly enough, even though it’s white (not yellowish looking), indoors people think it’s a light shade of blonde. The point is this: Each of us will have some problem either with our health or losses in life that can affect how we look. We need to be kinder to each other and accept the way people are and how they look. We don’t know anyone’s life circumstances. Personally, I’m just grateful to put clothes on and look as good as I can for the 8 hrs. my body allows me to remain out of bed. As we age, beauty definitely becomes more of an “inside job.” I wouldn’t change the things I’ve learned, the people in my life, the losses I’ve had (only b/c I did, at one time, have these people), for anything. I’ve gained so many insights, it’s not up to me to judge others, and there is a certain freedom of self that is so rewarding. The lady who lost her son and then her health is not on an island. So many have done the same. Please, at least let us thank Chico’s and Cindy for representing us. We all have the choice to walk away if it’s something we don’t feel represents us. I, for one, would appreciate more bright colors and waistlines to help my middle age spread. I’m a 1, but will wear whatever feels right for me.

    Thank-you to Chico’s for its catalog, it’s still a work-in progress website and for clothing me over the years.

  52. Helen kennedy

    Love Chicos , haven’t been recently due to illness but I DO have many Chico outfits. Comfort is my middle name and Chico fits the bill , smart looking as wel

  53. I think there are many ways to embrace beauty and each has to follow their own way! I applaud Chicos for helping us each to explore that road for ourselves! I adore Cindy Joseph and Chicos!!

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  55. I love Cindy, Boom and her philosophy of living the best years of our life. Enjoy seeing her representing Chico’s. Each day is a gift. It is a time to celebrate that we are wonderous as women. Cindy represents us well. I enjoy her style, optimism and her lovely up to date wind blown hair. Very fashion current and a youthful, carefree look. I am 87 and love this life I am living.

  56. Anne Derbes

    I love Cindy and Boom. I am 70 years old. I started using Boom about 6 months ago. I get a lot of people stopping me and saying how beautiful I am. I modeled earlier in my life and loved it very much. I do not look my age at all. I love Chicos, the clothes, and jewelry line. I am single and would love to model for you. Do you think that you could give me a chance to talk to you and let you see me to see if you could use me in your beautiful fashions. Please advise. I would be glad to go to you where ever you are. Thank you in advance.

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