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The Chic List: October

This month’s Chic List uncorks something that both brings us joy, but can also leave us wondering “where do I even begin?” - the world of wine! We’ve teamed up with Sommelier, Author, and Corporate Beverage Director & Partner of the NYC and Miami restaurant COTE, Victoria James, to take the guesswork out of how to select the best wine for your taste and suggest the perfect fall menu pairings.

Victoria James


Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine. – Joan Collins 


For this month’s featured drink, we asked expert, Victoria James, to recommend a wine that both brings her joy and encompasses everything we love about fall. She selected one of her favorite autumnal reds, Nicole Chanrion’s Côte de Brouilly.

Côte de Brouilly

This medium to full body red wine from France is described as fresh and vivid with a bright, fruity finish that can be paired with all of your hearty fall meals. 


This month’s reading list, curated by Simon and Schuster, gives a taste of the wonderful world of wine. Pour a glass of your favorite red and enjoy these titles all month long!  

Eight Hundred Grapes A Novel by Laura Dave  

There are secrets you share, and secrets you hide… What if your beloved fiancé, he of the crinkly smile and irresistible British accent, had kept a life-changing secret from you? And what if, just a week before your dream wedding, you discovered it? 
Georgia Ford, bride-to-be, hops in her car and drives through the night, from Los Angeles to Sonoma, to her safe haven: her family, and the acclaimed family winery. Georgia craves the company of those who know her best, and whom she truly knows. Better yet, it’s the eve of the last harvest—the best time of the growing season, and Georgia knows she’ll find solace—and distraction—in the familiar rituals. But when Georgia arrives home, nothing is at all familiar. Her parents, her brothers, the family business, are all unrecognizable. It seems her fiancé isn’t the only one who’s been keeping secrets… 

Becoming a Sommelier by Rosie Schaap (Part of Masters at Work)  

An illuminating guide to a career as a sommelier written by acclaimed food and drink writer Rosie Schaap and based on the real-life experiences of experts in the field—essential reading for anyone considering a path to this profession. 
Wine is a pleasure, and in its pursuit there should be no snobbery. The sommelier is there to help, to teach, to guide. Acclaimed food and drink writer Rosie Schaap profiles two renowned sommeliers to offer a candid portrait of this profession. Learn the job from Amanda Smeltz, a poet and wine director in New York, and Roger Dagorn, a James Beard Award–winning Master Sommelier. From starting in the cellar, grueling certification exams, to tastings and dinner service, Becoming a Sommelier is an invaluable introduction to this dream job. 

Chico’s Jacket, Chico’s Sweater, Chico’s Necklace, & Chico’s Jeans


This month, we’re all about elevated comfort and neutral tones with a bit of flare. We’ve paired our classic, relaxed denim with a beautiful beige-colored sweater. To complete the look, we added an ombre jacket that fades into a rich merlot color. Add a gorgeous statement necklace and camel-colored booties, and you’re ready to embrace the fall season!  

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