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7 Closet Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again

Our closet is a go-to place for us, but how well are we treating it? We’re all a little guilty of making closet mistakes, but that’s what style guru Sher Canada is here to help us with! Sher is Chico’s resident stylist and the personality behind Sher on Chic. 

What we love about Sher (aside from her incredible eye for styling!) is that she comes through with insightful, useful women’s fashion advice every time. 

With the end of 2021 in sight, let’s look at some of the closet mistakes that Sher highlighted and ways to fix them in the year ahead – think of these as your style resolutions for 2022!

1. Buying the same thing over and over again

As Sher rightfully points out, we gravitate towards buying the same things repeatedly, even though they all serve the same purpose.

That’s why one of her main women’s fashion tips was to branch out and try different colors and styles as an annual wardrobe update. Sher’s top choices? Classic mock neck styles such as the Tank Mock Neck Sweater in brightly-colored solids and fun prints for a sleek wardrobe update.

2. Hoarding clothes

We all hold onto clothes for various reasons: they hold sentimental value, we think we’re going to wear it way more than we actually do, or we just tend to forget about certain items. 

Sher’s top women’s style tip was to take those beautiful items to resale stores or donate to women’s shelters and charities to give them a new life. Plus, it gives you room in your closet for more fabulousness! 

One style favorite this season should be the Reversible Striped-to-Plaid Tank so you can have more versatility in your wardrobe. 

Sher’s rule of thumb for closet clean-outs is simple: Go through your closet and start by removing items that you haven’t worn for a year. Of course, you can make other rules too but make sure to stick to them!

3. Holding on to clothes that just don’t fit

It’s always tempting to pick up something that isn’t quite your size, but how often do you really wear those items? Keeping clothes such as jeans that are too big or too small rarely works out, as Sher points out, so it’s better to declutter.

Sher’s women’s fashion advice included looking for fresh and new denim that keeps you looking and feeling good, such as gorgeous new arrivals like our Embellished Pull-On Ankle Jeggings.

4. Not keeping your closet organized

Sher’s other big women’s style tip? A neat, organized closet will make it so much easier to get dressed. Matching hangers help make your closet cleaner, give you more room, and it’s a much better experience overall. 

Sher replaced her old hangers with matching wooden ones, and it’s made a huge difference. In addition, Sher recommends looking for skinny hangers for narrow closets for more space in your closet without feeling like everything is too cramped.

5. Not having that go-to little black dress

During the holidays, and even after really, there are always events that pop up on the schedule. So you want a dress that you can trust will make you look and feel good for all those spontaneous events. 

That’s why Sher advocates for having a little black dress in your closet that fits your body type and makes you feel fabulous. All you have to do is put it on, and you’re ready to go! Sher’s top choices for classic black dresses include the Easy Chic Knit Column Dress, Travelers Classic Dress, and the ​​Mesh-Sleeve Shift Dress.

6. Forgetting styling options

It’s a classic scenario: You get styled with an amazing outfit in a store, come home…and then forget what the outfit looked like! Sher brought this situation up, noting that often customers go home and wish they had taken a picture of the outfit while in the store. 

That’s why she suggests taking a picture when shopping in-store so you can remember what the outfit looks like all styled together. Plus, you can share the photo with the hashtag #lovechicos on social media to get featured on Chico’s Instagram page, and you’ll find more inspiration for styling outfits.  

7. Staying in your comfort zone

Lastly, another closet mistake that Sher discussed was the temptation to stick to our comfort zones. 

While some trends and styles look great, it’s just as important to try new things and find items that push your personal style envelope. Let other people give you advice and suggestions, and look for style inspiration to get an idea of what you like in the new year!

When it comes to Sher’s women’s style tips, we love seeing how her advice resonates with customers and the inspiration she provides with each Facebook Live. During the weekly sessions, we always make sure to include Shop the Look shortcuts to make it easy to find your favorites.

Sher also takes live questions from the audience and shares women’s fashion advice to ensure that everyone’s style questions are taken care of, so keep on the lookout for more of Sher! You can catch upcoming Facebook Live events on our Facebook page, so don’t forget to follow us! You can also find archived streams of previous events with Sher on our YouTube page.  

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