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Everyone and Their Coastal Grandmother Loves this Trend

What began as an aesthetic trend has become a way of life. Coined on TikTok by Lex Nicoleta, “Coastal Grandmother” is the latest fashion and lifestyle trend. Just think Diane Keaton in “Something’s Gotta Give,”Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin in “Grace and Frankie,”or Meryl Streep in “It’s Complicated.” 

It’s pull-on linen pants and button-down shirts; it’s cashmere everything; it’s straw hats and totes; it’s leather sandals; it’s classic black sunglasses­–it’s so Chico’s! This trend is about more than fashion, though. It’s about living the coastal-vacationing, garden-tending, wine-tasting life, so we’ve compiled style options for CG summer activities.

Going to the Coast

When she’s headed out east, Coastal Grandmother is probably riding in a completely restored classic car or brand-new luxury sedan. She’s wearing a No-Iron Linen ShirtWide Leg Linen Pants, and Beaded T-Strap Sandals. Taking the scenic route, she enjoys stops at farmer’s markets, antique shops, and cafés along the way. 

When she arrives at her beach house, everything is just as she’s left it­­–there’s not a throw pillow out of place or a speck of dust on the flowy curtains. Later in the day, some of her family members will join her, but not for the entire trip; she loves her “me time.” For now, she’s unpacking over a glass of wine.

Tending the Garden

Taking care of her garden is one of her favorite ways to start each day. Over morning coffee, Coastal Grandmother waters her bleeding hearts and shooting stars. Dewy mornings call for Cotton Cashmere-Blend Pants, but as the sun rises, she’s glad she wore an Elbow Sleeve Slub Tee and Sun Straw Hat.

By lunchtime, it’s warmed up a bit. Thankfully, the shady area in her garden makes for a peaceful spot to catch up on her book club reading while she enjoys a fresh summer salad. She’s back in the garden after an early dinner to enjoy the sunset with one of the many friends or family members she can invite over. 

Wine Tasting for the Weekend

On Saturday, she likes to step out. Coastal Grandmother and her friends visit one of the many wineries dotting the coastline. They cruise in her car swapping bits of wisdom and anecdotes until they reach their destination. Someone compliments her outfit the moment she steps out of the car: a Puff-Sleeve Smocked Midi DressPom Pom Jute Tote, and Black Sunglasses.

After a couple hours of sipping white, red, and everything in between, she and her friends take advantage of the charcuterie board on the winery’s menu. One of them–she’ll deny it was her–comes up with the brilliant idea to stay at a nearby bed and breakfast, since it’s getting late. That’s how a day trip to wine country turned into a weekend stay.

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