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Go Big and Stay Home: Loungewear Goes Luxe

When it comes to lounging around the house, style may not always be top of mind. No judgement here—if you’re like us, the number of days a week you’re in athletic leggings has probably crept up over the course of this year. However, there is a way to capture that seemingly elusive blend of comfort and fashion.  

Enter loungewear: the perfect in-between of “I look put-together” and “I’m super comfortable.” These pieces can take you straight from rolling out of bed to brunch with friends, and that’s what Chico’s Zenergy collection is all about.  Here are our secrets on how to elevate your at-home style. 

Make It Monochrome 

Choose coordinating women’s lounge sets to build the foundation of your loungewear wardrobe. Throwing on a random tee with a pair of joggers may be quick and comfortable, but it’s not chic. Keeping the color consistent from head-to-toe is the key to crafting a look that’s seamlessly pulled together. Pair our cotton cashmere-blend pants with the matching sweater for an effortlessly chic monochromatic set. Remember, coordinating doesn’t have to mean matching though. Switch out the matching cardi for the Animal-Print Cardigan to add a pop of wow. The pieces will still create a polished look, but you can add some extra flair without looking like you woke up like this (literally).  

Upgrade Your Knits 

Yes, cashmere loungewear is a thing! Investing in loungewear made from luxe fabrics will ensure you never feel underdressed. If you live somewhere without a white Christmas, pieces made from 100% cashmere may be a bit much. Opt for our Cotton-Cashmere Blend Jogger Pants, which fit to flatter with a luxurious feel. Make a statement on top with our Reversible Puffer Jacket, or keep things simple with a Zenergy Satin-Pocket Tee. Either way, you’ll be ready for whatever the day brings. 

Move In Style 

For those who think leggings are not pants, think again. Our Zenergy So Slimming Pima Cotton Leggings are designed for comfort, but that doesn’t mean you have to put them away when company’s around. Not only do these leggings elongate your silhouette, the stretch fabric features our So Slimming® technology to smooth and slim your stomach for a flawless look. Wear them your way all winter long by pairing them with your favorite tunic or sweater

Prefer a less-fitted casual pant shape? Joggers are an equally comfortable option, and their tapered leg design cinches at the waist for a flattering effect. To take your style up another notch, try our Zenergy Polished Pants. Flap pockets with polished silvertone snaps and a sleek tailored fit will keep you looking your best, whether you’re staying in or on the go. 

How Can I Wear My Loungewear Out? 

Wearing loungewear outside the house used to be a fashion faux pas. Today the rules—and the loungewear—have changed. Modern loungewear sets are meant to be seen, but there are a few tips that will help you stay stylish as you wear your favorite comfort clothes in public.   

Don’t Forget to Layer 

The right outerwear can make all the difference when it comes to staying chic in your loungewear. Bulky jackets are too much, and flowy wraps are too fussy. Options like the Zenergy Reversible Vest or Cheetah-Print Jacket are just right. You can create your own unique lounge set by layering tanks, toppers, and covers with reversible pieces. Just remember to coordinate your layers by selecting separates in similar tones and finishes. 

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize 

Dressing up your loungewear with accessories like shoes, handbags, and jewelry will take your look from the couch to anywhere you want to go. Choose classic leather sneakers for an uber-chic look, or opt for cute shoes that are on the chunkier side. Throw on a pair of heels for an instantly glam look that’s perfect for dinner with friends.  

Another one of our favorite ways to create a luxe loungewear look is by adding beautiful jewelry, giving you sophisticated style with minimal effort. Layered necklaces, dangling earrings, and stacked bracelets will take your loungewear to the next level. And we’ll let you in on another secret—mix metal tones as you please for modern style. 

Flatter Your Figure 

It can be easy to lose your shape in loungewear pieces, due to the looser fit. However, a quick change here and there will make a world of difference for your leisurely look. Rolling up, belting, and tucking your pieces are simple ways to accentuate your frame. We are especially fond of the French tuck to add subtle style to any outfit. Just tuck in the middle portion of your top, leaving the rest of it out on the sides. This trick will both highlight your waist and lengthen your legs—voilà! 

Chico’s Loungewear for Women 

Our Chico’s Zenergy loungewear feels incredible to wear, whether you’re wrapping presents to put under the tree, or if you’re planning to host Christmas dinner at your house. When you need to step out the door, these pieces make it effortless to look polished without sacrificing comfort. Loungewear is also the perfect gift for any woman in your life this holiday season. Check out our collection of cozy essentials that we’ve handpicked to make holiday shopping a breeze. 

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