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5 Holiday Party Outfits That Bring the Drama

The holidays are coming fast. But is your wardrobe ready for the festivities? Swanky parties, gift exchanges, and drinks with friends all require different outfits. You wouldn’t wear the same ensemble to a friend’s party as your family’s holiday gathering, would you? Probably not. So, how do you find everything you need to celebrate the holidays in style?

We’ll help you find what to wear to your work holiday party, New Year’s Eve, and everything in between. The holidays are the perfect time to amp up the drama—we’re talking dazzling sequins, smart, structured pants, luxurious faux fur, and statement-making accessories. 

Use our holiday party outfit guide to take the stress out of your holiday itinerary and lean into the excitement. With these outfit ideas, you’ll be everything that’s merry and bright this holiday season.

  • What Should You Wear to a Holiday Party?
  • Festive Fashion: What Are the Biggest Holiday Season Trends This Year?
  • 5 Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

What Should You Wear to a Holiday Party?

What you wear to a holiday party depends on the type of event. If you’re heading to an in-office holiday party, you might be able to get away with your regular work attire spiced up with some seasonal accessories, whether that’s an elegant faux fur headband or a bedazzled Santa hat. However, if you’re going to a friend’s holiday party, you might wear something you feel more comfortable in, like jeans and an ugly Christmas sweater, or you might go for a chic look with festive color blocking. 

What it really comes down to is your own personal style and whether the event is upscale or more laid back. With those two guidelines in mind, you can put together show-stopping looks that make you feel confident at every event on your calendar. If you’re feeling hesitant, you can always ask around to find out what everyone else is wearing. 

Remember, the holidays are the best time of year to be extravagant, so don’t hold back when it comes to decking your wardrobe with all the festive flair.

Finding the right style for each holiday event is key to being a seasonal style icon. Whether you’re going for festival formal or casual chic, here are a few of the year’s biggest holiday fashion trends to help you choose your holiday party looks: 


Sequins are the sparkling wine of holiday style, they ‘re the life of the party. Draped in sequins, you’ll stand out wherever you go with a shine that catches the light and ensures all eyes are on you. Luckily, you can find sequins on almost anything.

If you’re a maximalist, go with a sparkling sequin dress that’s sure to turn heads. Or, for something a tad more subdued but still stunning, try our Sequin Elbow-Sleeve Tee.

Dress Pants

Dress pants are a cornerstone of structured style, and they can be worn with almost anything. Look sharp at your work holiday party, or take them out on the town for a sexy and sophisticated look. While many holiday styles are flirty and feminine, dress pants add a touch of masculine energy to any ensemble. 
From classic black to bold hues like a pair of our seasonally suited Deep Chianti pants, they’re the perfect bottom for when you want to dress to impress.

Stunning Accessories

Like we said, the holidays are all about bringing the drama, and what better way to do that than with stunning accessories? Whether you’re wearing jeans and a sweater or an elegant gown, accessories can take your outfit from basic to brilliant. And with all the fun winter accessories to choose from—like our Studded Leather Gloves that keep your hands warm while looking stylish wherever you go—you’ll enjoy adding the finishing touches to every ensemble.

You can’t go without the most important accessory—a quality bag. For party season, try our Beaded Fringe Clutch that’s elegant yet playful and matches most evening attire. You can also try our Floral Jacquard Clutch which brings a dramatic flair to any holiday outfit and caters to a festive color palette. If you love sequins this season, check out our Sequin Bucket Bag.

Accent your holiday attire with a set of stretch bracelets and embellished drop post earrings, both of which pair with elegant or casual holiday party outfits.

5 Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Now that you’re dialed into the holiday season trends for this year, your creative wheels are turning, and it’s time to start planning. Here are a few of our favorite holiday party outfit ideas to inspire you:

1. Elegant Pant Suit

Pantsuits are classic holiday party outfits because they allow you to feel comfortable yet look elegant. They’re ideal for more formal occasions, such as after-hours work holiday parties or dinner parties with friends. However, you can wear a pantsuit just about anywhere. They can be paired with a plain tee and flats for a more casual look or dressed up with high heels and accent jewelry for more formal occasions.

2. Show-Stopping Sequin Dress

Sequins have a place at any event because they’re a seasonal staple that can be integrated into any look. That said, they’re a go-to for effortless glamor that never fails to make a splash. A sequin dress is the choice for any holiday party. You can let it be the focal point, or you can steal the show from head to toe. There’s no better time than now to go all out; dress it up with accent jewelry, gloves, and a statement jacket.

3. Festive Color Blocking

Color blocking is a bold and eye-catching style choice that’s sure to stand out at the upcoming festivities. Color blocking uses defined sections of color on articles of clothing or by layering solid colors together for a complete ensemble. For example, you can wear our Colorblock Pullover Sweater for cozy and casual occasions or try your own color blocking by mixing pieces together, such as our red Brigitte 360 Pants and black Satin Smocked-Cuff Blouse.

4. Winter White Ensemble

Forget what they say about white after Labor Day; wearing all-white can give you an air of dramatic elegance with minimal effort. While most pieces for winter are beige, black, and other dark colors, you can stand out by wearing white, the color of snow and ice, for a chic yet basic look to turn heads at any holiday party. 

To become the embodiment of a winter wonderland, wear an all-white dress or layer your whites with dress pants and bold shoes. Try our white Brigitte 360 Pants—which feature our Hidden Fit technology for a slimming effect—with a white sweater, and top off the look with a White Faux Fur Vest.

5. Head-Turning Blouse & Ankle Pants

If you’re unsure what to wear to a holiday party, you can never go wrong with a blouse and ankle pants. While this may seem a bit boring for a holiday party look, the key is finding a blouse that makes a statement. For example, you can wear the Lurex Ikat Jacquard Ruffle Blouse and black ankle pants with gold buttons for a look that’s sure to be memorable. Create a head-to-toe, head-turning ensemble when you pair a bold blouse with a Juliet Floral Damask Slim Ankle Pant. Or, take a festive approach to monochrome with a red outfit that makes a statement. 

With these ideas, you’ll see it’s easy to strut in style for every holiday affair. You can even mix and match pieces to create outfits for all your upcoming events.

Find Your Perfect Holiday Party Outfits

You already have enough to worry about during the holiday season; don’t let finding your holiday party outfit be stressful. Take the seasonal motto of comfort and joy to heart when you’re preparing for all the exciting events on your calendar, and shop Chico’s holiday new arrivals to find the best holiday party outfits for any occasion. From dramatic dresses to beautiful blouses and dress pants, you’ll find everything you need to shine bright all holiday season.

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