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How to Style Summer Dresses for Weddings

Going to a wedding is so much fun, especially in the summer. This is the season for warm weather, serene settings, and easy-to-wear outfits. There are so many gorgeous summer dresses for weddings out there that it can be hard to decide what to wear and how to wear it. Luckily, this essential style guide gives you tips for creating ensembles that are tailor-made for attending summer weddings

Don’t Shy Away from Color

During winter and fall, the classic black dress is often a go-to for wedding attire. In the summer, you have more options. Often, summer weddings are held in vibrant, outdoor locales, so you can wear more prints and solids that really pop. The trick is to go with colors that complement the setting. 

Blues and greens look great in beachfront wedding photos. For this locale, opt for a print dress like our Tile Print Peasant Maxi Dress. If it’s a sunset ceremony, prints with soft yellows, pinks, and oranges are a great complement to the scenery. Garden weddings are also popular in the summer. Our bold floral print Pleated Paisley Maxi Dress fits right in with blooming flowers and lush greenery.

Consider the Venue

Color isn’t the only thing to consider when thinking about what to wear. For instance, weather can play a big factor in dressing for an outdoor wedding. Sleeveless summer dresses for weddings are key to staying cool, especially if the wedding takes place in tropical setting. Our Animal Print Maxi Dress is not only sleeveless, but it also features a breathable keyhole neckline. 

A lightweight top layer like our Linen Flare Cardigan may be another smart addition for those balmy summer nights. When choosing a top layer, think about what type of fabric and fit would go best with the length and fabric of your dress. From cardigans to kimonos to ruanas–your top layer options are limitless.

Likewise, be sure to pair your dress with the right shoes for the venue. Outdoor ceremonies and receptions may be less formal than those held indoors, but it’s best to check the invitation for attire before making your final decision. If you can go for a casual look, the right kind of sandals could be appropriate. 

However, it’s still a good idea to wear something more exciting than your everyday footwear. Embellished styles like our Beaded T-Strap Sandals have just the right amount of elegance for attending a semi-casual or casual summer wedding.

Accessorize, Accent, and Highlight

The right accessories can make a big impact on styling summer dresses for weddings. For instance, if you prefer solid color dresses, you can add more vibrancy and glamour with offset jewelry. Our Easy Chic V-neck Maxi Dress can be a regular party dress, or it can be outfitted for a summer wedding when you add key pieces like our Mother of Pearl Disc Bib Necklace.

Similarly, adding splashes of summer color really helps bring the cheerful spirit of the occasion to your ensemble. Highlight a dark, solid color option like our Petite Tiered Maxi Dress with our Beaded Hoop Earrings.  

The right bag is also an important accent for wedding attire. Just like the other pieces of your look, you can determine what type of purse to carry depending on the venue. For instance, a beachfront celebration calls for something a little more laid back, like our Ring Handle Striped Tote. On the other hand, you can elevate the elegance of any matching dress with our Woven Leather Crossbody Bag.

Choose Style and Comfort

Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, even when you’re shopping for something to wear to a wedding. Certain lengths, necklines, and embellishments are at the intersection of sophistication and ease. Midi and maxi length dresses are both chic options, especially if they feature an accent or detail that adds depth to their style. 

Tasteful details like a tie-back neckline upgrade a look from every day to special occasion. Whether it’s a print or a solid style, dresses with this accent add a striking element to the design. Take note of how a neckline detail makes a solid black dress like Tie-Back Trapeze Dress even more admirable. 

Flowy dresses can be given some extra shape with a simple belt around the waist. Although, you don’t need to cinch a dress at the waist for it to look stunning. Comfort can also come from the fabric. To really enjoy an outdoor wedding in the summer, pick out something that’s lightweight, preferably a cotton dress, like our Gauze Maxi Tank Dress

Summer styles may change, but summer weddings will always be in fashion. Taking part in such an occasion requires an outfit that not only fits the dress code, but also makes you feel like celebrating. To make your selection even easier, you can shop trending outfit inspiration that features summer dresses for weddings.

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