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Our 2020 Holiday Wish for you is more Peace, Love and Chic in your daily lives. And what better way to spread that message than with our Peace, Love, Chic Pink collection? We asked some of our favorite digital creators and influencers to show us how they styled their Peace, Love, Chic sweater and share what other pieces they’re loving from Chico’s this season as well as what Peace, Love, Chic means to them.

What are some ways you try to spread love in your day-to-day life?

Suzy: “I try to always “lead with love” and show kindness to everyone I encounter. We all need kindness and a word of encouragement, especially right now! I’ve found that if I ask people, “How’s your day going?” instead of the standard “How are you?” they will often open up and share. It gives me a jumping off point to encourage them and hopefully leave them feeling more loved than they did before they saw me!”

What are some other holiday pieces you’re loving from Chico’s this season?

Suzy: “I adore this peace, love, chic sweater! The color is universally flattering, and the message is so great for the holidays. I’m also crazy about the Zenergy Be Happy Be Bright Be You top paired with the Zenergy velvet leggings. I truly believe every woman needs a great pair of velvet leggings in her closet to pull out every year in December. They’re a holiday classic, for sure.”

Tonya from @therealchiclife

This holiday season Chico’s is all about spreading peace, love and chic. What do you do in your daily life to feel peace?

Tonya: “In my daily life, I try to put in morning practices that give me a calm start to the day. Stretching, meditation, and sometimes an inspiring read are all things that help me begin my day peacefully. I’m a firm believer that peace starts within, but I use intention to make sure I continue to feel that way. I’m intentional about what I watch, read, and engage with throughout the day as well. When we feel more peaceful it makes it easier to share that feeling with others.”

What are some ways you spread/show love in your life?

Tonya: “Relationships are so important to me. I try to check in with my family and friends often and send uplifting messages and have upbeat chats. I do the same thing with my platform. I am optimistic by nature and believe that the world needs more joy. So I show my love by spreading as much of it as I can.”  

What are some of your other favorite Chico’s holiday pieces from the season?

Tonya: “There are so many good ones! I love the Scroll Print Maxi Shirtdress, the Bateau-Neck Cable Sweater and the Quilted Jacket-I have it in Ultra Pink but I want the Stiletto red one too!”

Shauna from @chicover50

What does the word “chic” mean to you?

Shauna: “CHIC to me means tasteful and classy PERSONAL STYLE! I feel most CHIC when I’m dressed up, in heels, and looking and FEELING my best!”

What are some ways you show love in your everyday life?

Shauna: “My favorite way to show LOVE, is FaceTiming my grandkids. They live away from me, and FaceTime has become a ritual with them….and me! It’s amazing to me how just by doing this it can help me feel close to them. Another way is to frequently stop what I’m doing and hug my husband and tell him I LOVE him. That may be easier for me than others, because I’m still considered a newlywed ;)”

Even Cathy from @themiddlepageblog granddaughter wants to share some Peace, Love, Chic

What are some ways you’re finding peace in your life this year?

Cathy: “This year has been a little harder to find peace for me but what always calms me down and makes me feel peaceful each day, is reading my devotional and cuddling with my dog.”

What does the word “chic” mean to you?

Cathy: “Chic means feeling confident and elegant. I think I feel the chicest when I have on a simple outfit that doesn’t look like I tried too hard.”

What are some other pieces you’re loving from Chico’s this holiday season?

Cathy: “I absolutely love the Double Breasted Shimmer Blazer, the Long Belted Puffer Coat with Faux Fur Collar, and the Leopard Print Shirtdress.”

From all of us at Chico’s, we hope you have a holiday season filled with peace, love and CHIC!

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