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The end of summer is bittersweet but made better with all the new fall looks. Fall fashion trends offer so much versatility, especially when it comes to layering. We know that after a summer of sundresses and single layers, it can seem complicated to transition back into the season of multiples and coordinate a wardrobe that works for all of your autumn activities. We’re here to make it easy to layer your looks, so you don’t miss out on all the fall fashion fun.  

The layering foundation is simple一a top, bottom, and third layer that completes the look (fall sweaters, jackets, or ruanas and shawls). We’re in love with the options the third layer provides. They add effortless style, work for all body types, and they’re wardrobe-appropriate for any situation, from a charity board meeting to casual Sunday brunch to an anniversary party.  

We’ve had fun exploring all the fall fashion trends, and while we can’t choose a favorite child, we especially love these three looks.  

Seasonal Spice  

Ruanas and ponchos are the pumpkin spice of your wardrobe. They add a dash of autumn warmth and keep you cozy in the changing fall weather. With so many styles and fabric options, they work with both casual autumn outfits and dressy looks. If you’re short on time, add a printed ruana wrap over jeans or leggings, and you have instant, head-turning style. Or stand out on a Zoom call with a silk poncho, and then go straight to a white tablecloth restaurant (be ready for compliments on your outfit!). Fall has plenty of rich color options to play with…including blush, blues and golds to name a few.  

Cover Up, Dress Down 

Casual autumn outfits can still be ultra-stylish. With a moto jacket over a layering tee and some super slimming pants, you’ll look polished whether you’re running errands or going out for a birthday celebration. The jacket is chic yet comfortable, the tee is simple but stylish, and the pants are fit and flattering. They can be simple or have a head-turning “wow” factor! Add some earrings to complete the look.   

Long and Lovely  

The days may be getting shorter, but the layers are getting longer. One of the latest fall fashion trends we can’t get enough of is an elongated denim jacket. This single item gives you endless layering options, and the length gives you coverage and warmth at the same time. Throw on a tee and leggings, add the jacket, and voila! You look completely pulled together. Or choose a blouse and a long skirt, add the jacket, and you’ve got a fall outfit for any occasion. Top it off with a scarf for even more versatility. 

These layers give you a foundation to have even more fun. While traditionally, fall colors center around earth tones, layers can expand your color palette. Wear neutral tops and bottoms, and add pops of color with your third layer. Or change up your jewelry and accessories to keep your fall outfits and the layered look fresh and new. You can sneak in some non-traditional fall hues to make your ensemble stand out even more, like adding a colorful multi-strand necklace to autumn brown layers or blue faux-marble reading glasses to an outfit of deep autumn greens.  

Having fall layers in your closet and using the trio approach makes it simple and easy to get ready in the morning. You’ll be prepared for that chill in the air, or the unexpected warmth of an Indian summer, without having to overthink the weather forecast. And since layers work for any occasion, people will ask you how you always look so chic. Love the layered look and want more ideas? Check out these five layers we love.    

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