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You value the aesthetics of the jewelry that you wear, from statement pieces to simple bracelets. But have you ever considered that the accessories you choose could be crafted around your overall well-being? 

Chico offers an assortment of stylish ponchos, ruanas, and women’s jewelry. But our new collection we call Heart.Mind.Chic. is based around gemstones, their sacred history, and how they can affect our mindset to this very day. 

Gemstones in Women’s Jewelry 

Gemstones have been used in practices as far back as ancient Egypt, where jewelry made from lapis lazuli and ivory was used to contact the divine. Over the course of thousands of years, societies have relied on gemstones for their healing properties, both physical, spiritual, and emotional. 

In 2021 you likely aren’t looking to contact the gods and goddesses of Egyptian times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of our beaded Amazonite stretch bracelet, a subtle addition to elevating any outfit with an earthy flair. For those who struggle with their connection to the feminine, incorporating Amazonite can help to ground and put your needs first. 

Or you may be interested in a simple set of women’s earrings. Our Tiger’s Eye stud earrings are held in a gold frame that compliments the gemstone’s deep oranges and browns inside. Tiger’s Eye is great for driving a passion for life and developing a sense of intention, determination, and self-esteem 一 good tools for anyone who needs a little lift. 

For both of these pieces, we’ve designed them with subtlety in mind so you can wear them any season without overpowering your outfit or overall look. That makes them perfect choices for people just starting to incorporate gemstones into their wardrobe. This way, you can enjoy the look and strength of these materials in a way that’s accessible to your comfort level. 

Our Women’s Necklaces 

Pendant necklaces have a lush and storied past. They were worn by warriors, royalty, and spiritual figures looking to connect and draw power from a higher entity. However, pendants can be worn in the modern age by anyone wanting to create a powerful and distinct look. 

The women’s necklaces in our Heart.Mind.Chic. collection run the gamut of warm, neutral, and cool tones. If you’re looking for something soft, you may be interested in our Aventurine and Agate Short Bib Necklace. Pink Aventurine is used to balance the mind, body, and spirit, while pink agate is incredibly calming and can assist in confidence. Put them together, and you’ve got a stylish necklace that can help you feel assured even during your most challenging days. 

Or you may be interested in our Beaded Long Pendant Necklace, which combines wooden beads surrounding a gray agate stone. Gray agate, in particular, plays a big part in reminding us that our thoughts and feelings at the moment affect our long-term well-being. It’s a great sentiment that accents a variety of prints and colors. 

For those with a flair for the dramatic, you may be interested in our Blue Sodalite and Clear Quartz Pendant Necklace. Blue sodalite is said to balance the emotions of the wearer, while clear quartz inspires and boosts creativity. Displayed on a strand of braided leather, this eclectic necklace really harkens to the origins of gemstones as jewelry (before they were sources of healing energy). 

Fashion has a history, and even though we’ve moved past bullet bras, hoop skirts, mullets and shoulder pads, we believe there’s the power to be had in the relics of the past. In creating our Heart.Mind.Chic. exclusive genuine stone collection, we hope that we can look back to move forward. We’ve combined style and sentimentality to create the kind of pieces that can allow you to thrive, facing the day with the strength and spirit you already have inside you. 

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