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Summer Accessories: Sandals, Hats, & Sunnies

Summer has arrived and that means sunny skies and new wardrobe essentials. Whether you have pool parties, BBQs, or weekend getaways on your calendar, you’ll need the right accessories to complete every look. 

So, what are the top summer accessories? Sandals, hats, jewelry, and sunnies are on our list.

With these summer accessories, you’ll be able to maximize your comfort during this warm and sunny season. Not only that, but you’ll look the part for every occasion as you exude peak summer style.

If you’re not used to incorporating these accessories into your wardrobe, or just want some styling inspiration, we have you covered with our tips for wearing summer accessories.

Top Summer Accessories of 2022

Complete your outfits with some of the top summer accessories. For the 2022 season, here are some of the most popular accessory styles that should be on your radar:

Wide-Brimmed Hats

Hats are more than just a functional essential; they can easily elevate your style. This summer, wide-brimmed straw hats are at the top of the list. Our Sun Straw Hat with the teal, white, and blue woven trim is an effortless way to tie together your outfit whether you’re heading out for a picnic or wine tasting.

Sun Straw Hat

Keeping with the wide-brim style, cowboy-inspired straw hats and bucket hats are also in this season.

Necklaces with Natural Elements

Classic gold necklaces are timeless, this season we’re seeing shells and stones ornamenting simple chains. For a pop of color, our Wood and Agate Bib Necklace makes for a stunning statement piece. For something more neutral, our Howlite and Wood Long Necklace is a summer accessory staple.

Bold Earrings

Eye-catching earrings are at the forefront of summer style this year. Bold earrings in vibrant hues are getting a lot of attention this season. Make a statement with our Fruit Drop Earrings, which are both beautiful and seasonally inspired. 

Geometric shapes, from circles to half circles, and non-polygons, are what’s in this summer. Our Blue Exclusive Drop Earrings are a sophisticated take on this trend.
And there are always hoops, which never go out of style. Whether you love a pop of color or want something more traditional, such as wood or silver, we have you covered with our eclectic earring styles.

Strappy Sandals

Open-toed shoes are always essential this summer and one of the throughlines we’re seeing in 2022 is the strappy sandal. Strappy sandals provide the breathability you need with an added touch of elegance. Find the ideal balance of comfort and taste with our Island T-Strap Sandals.

Another popular style this season is sandals with some height to them. Whether you are more drawn to flatforms or a slight wedge, you can easily work this trend into your daily summer wardrobe. Our Green Suede Slides have an adjustable fit and are versatile enough to work for day or night.

Shell-Embellished Bracelets

Like necklaces, natural elements—specifically shells and stones—are the go-to bracelet style for the summer. One of the best things about accessorizing with bracelets is that you can keep it simple with a single bold piece, or you can combine several for a more eclectic look.

For example, you can layer bracelets of different hues, as long as they somewhat match, such as colored stone bracelets with gold tone or other neutral-colored pieces in between. Our Folk Art Stretch Bracelets come together to make it easy. You can even pair your bracelet and necklace together.

Fortunately, this season’s trending looks are versatile. Choose to go bold with a bright color to offset a basic outfit in neutral shades, or opt for a necklace that matches the hue of either your top or bottom. You may even choose a more neutral-colored bracelet to go with an otherwise vibrant ensemble.

Folk Art Stretch Bracelets

Classic Summer Accessories You Need in Your Wardrobe

Creating memorable summer looks isn’t always about following the trends, classic summer accessories never go out of style. Here’s our take on classic summer accessories:


Sandals are so versatile, they can go from afternoon picnic to evening bonfire. One of our favorite styles is our Seashell Slide Sandals to create quintessential summer outfits. They can go with everything from a pair of white jeans to midi and maxi dresses.

Seashell Slide Sandals


Hats never go out of style, especially when you need a reprieve from the hot sun beaming down on you during all your outdoor events. Choose one with an accent color, like the Red Fringe Raffia Straw Hat, or a plain hat that matches any color or style, such as Suede Trim Knit Fedora.


Jewelry this summer doesn’t need to be flashy when you have classic designs that can enhance your outfit just as well. For example, the Blue Shell Stretch Bracelet fits comfortably and pairs well with your favorite denim shorts or a neutral ensemble.

Blue Shell Bracelet


Sunnies shield your eyes and the sensitive skin around them from the sun, but they don’t have to be purely functional. Classic shapes, like oversized frames with circular or rounded-square lenses, can go with virtually any outfit for any occasion.

One of our favorite timeless styles are tortoise shell sunnies—try our Tort Sunglasses that are easy to pair with any and every hue.

Tort Sunglasses

Styling Summer Accessories

The right summer clothing accessories depend on more than your style. How you accessorize may also vary depending on what you’re doing and where you’re at. Here are some of our tips for accessorizing on the beach, at a BBQ, on vacation, or running errands around town.

On the Beach

Looking your best on the beach while being prepared for the elements is easy when you have the right summer accessories. For example, you can wear a sun hat with these Blonde Faux-Tortoise Sunglasses that go with every swimsuit.

Blonde Faux-Tortoise Sunglasses

If you’re spending time by the beach but aren’t swimming, consider the Coastal Grandmother trend. This particular style combines laid-back and comfortable with a hint of sophistication. Some prime examples of summer fashion accessories in this category may include the following:

  • Leather sandals
  • Large, black sunglasses
  • Straw bag

Pair these accessories with linen clothing and you’ll capture this look with ease.

At a BBQ

You might be there for the food and company, but why not turn heads while doing it? Just keep in mind that BBQs are casual affairs. Try pairing these Suede Slide Sandals in blue with denim shorts and a flowy top like the colorful Embellished Blooms Pullover Top.

When You’re on Vacation

Be ready for every photo opportunity with the right summer accessories. You don’t want to find yourself squinting in every photo when you get those once-in-a-lifetime shots, so make sure to pack a reliable pair of sunnies—or two. Even if you’re in a fancy summer dress for a wedding, a pair of aviator sunglasses can still work.

You’ll also need something to keep all your essentials and souvenirs. The Quilted Gingham Tote has ample room for your belongings. When choosing shoes to bring on your trip, make sure they’re versatile so you can pair them with as many outfits as possible and save space in your packed suitcase. A classic, neutral pair of sandals can go with your flowy evening dresses and your shorts and tee during the day.

Running Around Town

When you’re running around town, you need summer accessories that are easy to throw on and build for function and comfort. Our Back Leather Slides are easy to walk in and they require virtually no effort to pair with a variety of other accessories, like this Snake Print Crossbody Bag.

Dos & Don’ts of Styling Summer Accessories

These dos and don’ts can help you expertly style your summer accessories:

  • Do keep comfort and coolness in mind always. No matter how fashionable you look, if you’re overheating, you’re not going to have a good time.
  • Don’t go overboard. Keep it simple. It’s fun to mix and match with prints and colors, but try to create a balance with some neutral pieces to prevent the look from being too busy.
  • Do keep safety in mind when choosing accessories. Never forgo sunglasses and hats when you’re out in the sun for prolonged periods, being cautious of UV rays is always in style.

Curate the Perfect Summer Style

You can curate the perfect summer wardrobe with the right accessories by keeping both comfort and style in mind. Adding a few classic summer accessories to your collection can go a long way. 

Shop Chico’s today to find sunnies, sandals, sunglasses, hats, and more to elevate your seasonal looks. From hats and jewelry to modern blouses and slimming shorts, we have everything you need to make this your best-dressed summer yet.

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