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What pants will you be wearing this fall, as summer fades and the landscape is alive with bright, changing colors? Oh, the options abound! The fall 2021 looks from Chico’s are filled with rich hues, silky and textured fabrics, and artful touches that will make you a stand-out, whether you’re out and about with friends or are just strolling through the neighborhood.  

And we’re not just talking about our beloved ruanas or eye-catching sweaters—we have to say, we’re especially excited about pants this season! The fits and fabrics and leg shapes of the last months of 2021 are among our best pants ever. You’ll want to fill up your social calendar now, because once you put on the perfect pants you can wear just about anywhere–and pair with just about anything—you will want everyone to see them!  

Plus, great pants are the best way to show off all your shoes, booties, and heels—which are also having a big moment this fall. 

What Pants are Trending in Fall 2021?

runway models

It goes without saying–what’s hot off the runway isn’t always right for your lifestyle. That being said, some of fall 2021’s biggest fashion trends might be worth paying attention to…because we think this is one of the chicest seasons we’ve seen in a long time. You’ll have fun updating your closet to embrace the après ski look that celebrates cozy layers—and the warm, desert mountain colors are flattering on so many complexions.  

We’re especially excited to see that knit pants are big this season—and our ponte fabric is a practical, comfortable interpretation of that trend. Meanwhile, the tailored pant is having a comeback—a sort of backlash against the yoga pants many lived in during quarantine. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on comfort! Chico’s offers pull-on pants that have a polished and put-together look, but with a more forgiving (and slimming!) waistline. 

What Pants Look Best on Real Women?

It’s always fun to watch models make their way down the runway wearing the newest trends, or to flip through the glossy pages of a fashion magazine to see what’s hot this year. But maybe you’re wondering, which fall 2021 pants trends will look best on your body type?  

At Chico’s, we believe it’s important to choose pants that are the right size, fit comfortably, and are made from a high-quality fabric that’s both flattering and feels good against your skin. Whether you embrace the new colors and leg shapes of the season or stay with a timeless silhouette, if you dress the body you have, you will be forever chic! 

So many different body types benefit from the smoothing silhouette of a slimming pant—and this year, it’s easier than ever to find a pant that’s body-contouring and yet comfortable beyond belief. Here are the pants we’re most excited about for fall 2021. 

The Best Slimming Pants for Fall 2021

Chico’s Brigitte pants are slimming

Pants should be like your very best girlfriends—always comfortable, always supportive, and always there to make you feel your very best. Meet your new bestie, the Brigitte! This premium pant by Chico’s uses So Slimming® technology so you will look slender and feel comfortable wearing a tucked in blouse or close-fitting sweater.  

Clothing that’s dubbed “slimming” can sometimes mean binding and tight—but Brigitte would never make you feel anything but at ease and relaxed. These are not your mother’s girdles or control top pants—think easy-as-Sunday-morning comfort that you could also dress up with fun jewelry, heals and a blouse for a hot Saturday night! 

Another one of our favorite slimming pants is the Juliet, which is back and better than ever this fall. Juliet is also made with So Slimming® technology that targets the tummy area specifically. The ponte fabric not only flatters your curves in all of the right places—it also stays unwrinkled, making it perfect for travel.  

Our customers adore Juliet, so we offer her in a variety of different leg lengths and shapes. The leggings are great for a long-over-lean look with a tunic or cozy sweater on top, and we’re offering a wider leg this season for all of you trendsetters who enjoy having a little runway inspiration in your closet. 

While both the Brigitte and Juliet are so comfortable that you’ll feel like you’re in your favorite leggings every time you wear them, their polished look makes them suitable for the office or a social event, like an art opening, drinks and dinner with friends, or even a pumpkin carving party. There are so many things to look forward to this fall! With pants that flatter and fit, you’ll look chic at every single one of them. 

Leggings That Look Like Trousers Are Big This Fall 

Another trend we adore this season is the faux-trouser. These artfully designed tailored leggings are as comfortable as what you might put on for a yoga session or to putter about the house—yet, they look exactly like tailored pants.  Only you will know you’re in leggings—unless you decide to share your secret with your friends! The concept that style is something that requires binding waistlines is officially out-of-style this year.  It’s official: being comfortable and being polished are not mutually exclusive!  

Tailored leggings are the wardrobe staple that does it all. You can wear them with a blazer, blouse or sweater, and pair them with flats or even heels. Want to pump up the glam factor? Toss a moto jacket on top and pull on some booties…you’ll really turn heads!  

P.S. Did we mention that just like the Brigitte and the Juliet, our tailored leggings are designed to be slimming? Comfort: check. Style: check. Versatility: check. Flattering: check. No wonder we’re buying heaps of them this fall! 

Why Not Wear Slimming Pants All Year Round? 

Yes, these are our favorite pants for fall…but that doesn’t mean they have to go to the back of your closet when the seasons change. In fact, you might love these fall pants so much you decide you want to wear them all year round—and we won’t judge you for that, since we’ll do the same! A cute bootie or fall-hued flat will make the pant season-appropriate—just add a cozier boot when the temperature drops, or switch them out for strappy sandals for spring, and you can make your slimming pants a year-round workhorse. 

It’s a thrill to find pants that flatter your every curve, while flattening your tummy, so why not make every day a good day to wear Chico’s slimming pants? 

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