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Style Connection: the Link Between Colors and Moods

Does blue make you feel calm? Do you get excited when you see yellow? If you’ve ever been moved by colors, then you’ve experienced the psychology of color. In fact, color can drive you to action and influence your moods. Often, personal experiences and cultural associations influence feelings about color, but it’s widely acknowledged that colors impact how you feel.

When it comes to your wardrobe, what’s the connection between colors and moods? Most likely, color already plays a big role in what you decide to wear. Add in color theory to your outfit inspiration and you’ll know just how to create the feeling you want. Discover how the color you wear to a party, date, or family gathering can help you embody the right energy for the occasion. 

Yellow and Orange

Colors are usually grouped into two umbrella categories, warm and cool. Yellow, orange, red, and pink are all considered part of the warm category. These colors can evoke a range of emotions, but overall, they can bring out some very pleasant moods. For instance, yellow can create a sense of excitement, and orange can spark joy.

Red and Pink

Red and pink are also considered warm colors. The links between these colors and moods they evoke have similarities and differences to yellow and orange. For example, red may initially make you think of love or passion, but like yellow, it can also create excitement. That could be why red is so closely associated with the holiday season. However, red can be a part of your wardrobe throughout the year, especially a mainstay design like our Linen Popover Dress.

Pink has similar connotations to red. It’s often associated with romance, especially around Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, pink is also associated with amusement and joy. That’s probably because pink is reminiscent of things like blooming flowers and warm sunsets. Our Easy Chic Elbow Sleeve Dress in azalea cherry expresses that same sentiment, making it ideal for mid-summer brunches and casual dinners.

Blue and Green

Part of the cool color family, blue and green have a totally different feel than warm colors like red, yellow, orange, and pink. Cool colors are often associated with things like the ocean, a clear, mid-day sky, or cloudless night sky. All these experiences are usually calm and relaxing, so that’s probably why most blues and greens evoke a sense of peace and serenity. 

Sometimes, blue can be connected to feeling sad. Despite that, wearing blue doesn’t mean you’re feeling blue. Choosing a rich hue like our Tiered Linen Sun Dress in belladonna blue can bring about all those pleasant, relaxing vibes without giving anyone the blues.

Green makes people feel calm as well, and it inspires feelings of optimism. Whether muted or bright, green is reminiscent of things that make people feel good, like finding a four-leaf clover or a crisp twenty in your pocket. This color-mood connection makes a style like our Poplin Tiered Maxi Dress in olive green an exceptional choice for celebrations and parties of all kinds, regardless of the season. 

Because colors and moods are so closely linked, making decisions about what to wear should include a bit of color theory. Plus, it can be a fun way to shake up your styling routine! Get a better feel for creating ensembles by color when you shop our colorful collection of dresses.

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