An Hayward’s Short Hair Secrets

An Hayward has been modeling for Chico's since 1999. Her short hair is her trademark. She was happy to share the story behind the look and how she manages to keep it up. When she's not modeling, she is at home in Florida, with her husband, son, and dog. Fun fact: She is the first lady of Pensacola.


I’m known for my short hair, but it’s funny, I started modeling with long hair. Then—and this is many years ago—my agent left to go to a new agency, and she wanted all her girls to follow her. I said “ok, I will follow you, but only under one condition. I want to chop all of my hair off.”  That’s a big deal because short hair changes your whole look. It can make you harder to book. She said “go for it.” And so I did. And it worked. 

Once I cut my hair off, I found myself —not to sound cheesy—but I know a lot of people that they are who they are because of their long hair. It looks really sexy on them. For me it’s the opposite. I feel much more myself with short hair. I feel very sexy with short hair. I look at people with long hair and think: “Wow, that looks really lovely,” but it’s so not me. The cut took my career to the next level. My first job after the cut was a big one; a Revlon campaign with Cindy Crawford shot by Michael Thompson. Life doesn’t get any better than that. It’s was a model’s dream come true!

Short hair is great and low maintenance. I do color my hair. I’ve been coloring it for a long time. I had it bleached blonde for about 7 or 8 years, but not anymore. It’s just too hard on my hair. I color it about every 3 to 4 weeks at the most. I get it cut about every 3 weeks. That’s the only thing about short hair, once it grows out it becomes this weird length.

I have three products that I love: Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom is one of my favorite products. I’ve used it as long as I’ve had short hair—almost 18 years. Then there is a product that I recently started using called Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter. Anything that has grease it in works really well on my hair because I have very coarse hair. I also love Moroccan Oil. It’s magic too. It makes my hair shiny and amazing. 

 Here are some of our mailers featuring An through the years.  She hasn’t changed a bit! Which is your favorite? 


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40 Responses

    1. Jane Moses

      An would look beautiful in a potato sack. I look forward to seeing what she is wearing in each catalog and always try those clothes on to see if I can wear them and look as good. Something about her smile is just so lovely

  1. Anne Kellett

    When I decided to go short I took your picture to my hairdresser and said do this! That was over 6 years ago and I still love it!

  2. Elaine Sproch Burke

    I also took the catalog to my hair stylist and said this is my new hair style! Well after a few tries,I now love

    My new look! So easy and compliments me!

  3. Robin Tiner

    An is my favorite model. She looks great with her short hair. Almost all the models I see have long hair and they’re so predictable. Yea, An!

      1. linda parker

        Thanks for sharing your hair products by name with your fans. What brand and shade of hair color do you use? I have been bleaching my hair and it is damaged by this heavy processing. Thanks

          1. Debra Mason

            I just love your wholesome look An. I am 57 and admire you as a vibrant, young, middle aged lady. Thinking I may just cut off all my length and try it. I also use Naturetint colors as well as Naturecolor from Italy, when I can get it. Stay true to you,

  4. K

    Hey An noticed you rt away in the Chico ads! I’m currently very blonde but growing it as long as I can! When I tire I’ll take in your photo to hairdresser! I love our Westie too ! Thanks for your style it helps me dress as we are same body type?

  5. Linda Schibel

    I wear my hair short for several reasons, not the least of which is that it makes me feel that this is the real me. And,secondly, if it takes more than 30 minutes for me to wake up and leave my house in the morning, then my hair is too long!

    I always look for An first when I receive my Chico’s brochure.

  6. Donna Edgerley

    I have long hair and once I did cut it short and hate it on me. Maintenance with short hair is demanding. I love long hair on me. I can pin it up. wear it straight or curly. I have as many hair products as my salon does. She is young and does a great job with highlights every 2 months. I guess I am a hippie from way back.

  7. Melissa

    Met her in person when I worked for Chico’s for over 10 years. She’s as beautiful inside as she is out. We had customers comment if they got a catalog without her in it they were bummed.

  8. Laurie Giantini

    My boyfriend saw the Chico’s catalog with An’s picture and said “This is what you should cut your hair like”. At the time I was trying to stop coloring my hair and I knew that cutting it short would help. I get more compliments on the color (silver grey like my dad) and cut. So much easier!!

  9. Liz

    I have very short, fine black hair which is starting to get a little white in it and I love it. I have decided that when it gets more white I am going to go even shorter and have shown your picture to friends and said “I want my hair just like this!” You’re just lovely and I love Chico’s too!

  10. Wendy Decknatel

    You are my idol! I love your look and seeing you in the Chico’s ads. I am 6′ 1″ tall, slender with short, spiked hair. I wish I could afford Chico’s clothing. You wear it well! I have 2 outfits from Chico’s that I bought long last year for my step-daughter’s wedding. Probably the only things I will ever have!

  11. I’m trying really hard to grow my hair back out, but finding that I feel blah! When it was super short, I felt sassy and alive…. This long mess is drowning me and my features! Thanks for sharing, I thought it was all in my head!

  12. An is my favorite model! Gorgeous woman! I just cut my hair short…after so many years of this long hair, that I pulled back into a pony tail…UGH! LOVE Chicos…since it first came into existence…

  13. Lisa Jacobs

    In January of this year I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer and lost all of my hair with the chemo. I have always had long, thick hair. I thought for certain I would have a breakdown when it all fell out. Not so! 🙂 It is finally growing back in! Saw your picture on Facebook and thought… that is how I want it to look! You are beautiful and it is inspiring to see that I don’t have to have long hair to be beautiful! I am taking your picture with me when I finally have enough hair to cut!

  14. Dawn Jackson

    Wendy Decknatel, cheer up! Everyone can afford Chico’s clothing. After the first $500 you become a “passport” member and everything after that is 5% off. Granted that first $500 might be tough, but once past that you will find that the sales are incredible. There are 50% and 60% off sales frequently. Good luck, and An, you are the reason everything in my closet is from Chico’s. Thank you!

  15. Jeanette Miller

    When the Chico’s catalog arrives my husband looks to make sure An is in it. We both think she is the greatest Chico’s model. I wear only Chico’s and everyone is always commenting on my clothes. She can wear the short hair because she is so beautiful.

  16. Maureen S

    I, too, take An’s picture to the hairdresser and agree that to me, she represents Chico’s so well – classy, sassy, timeless and beautiful!
    What do you use, An, to get he piecey look of your hair, mine just all blends together.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Linda Rosen

    Love An’s elegant style! I too am bummed if she is not in the catalog – look forward to seeing her – best model for Chico’s ever!!! Belgian’s Rock !

  18. Jan

    Ann has got to be one of my all time favorite models. Her beauty and grace are most inspiring. And my goodness, her hair is the ultimate statement of fresh, feminine, and elegant. And as the previous poster mentioned, I too always look for her in the Chico’s catalogs — totally disappointed if I dont’ see her.

  19. Kathy Kulof

    I too, love to see An in the catalog!! She is fabulous looking, the best model Chico’s has ever had. I must say, all of my clothes come from Chico’s, and have since their inception in 1982!!! Love, Love, Love!!!

  20. Cindy Jacobson

    I love An’s hair so much I texted my hairdresser a picture of An in a catalog and asked if I could carry the look. The next week she cut it and I’ve kept that style ever since.

  21. Dona holyoak

    I have loved An’s short hair and after having ovarian cancer and my hair came in white,thin and fine I took a picture to my hairdresser and she copied it pretty well. It was like the style on the cover of the July 2011 catalog. Thank you so much.

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