Watching Chic-To-Chic

Can you wear jeans to work? What’s the one current trend that’s actually bound to be a classic? Can you ever be too fabulous?  Join Kim Coles and Tanya Foster as they delve into the season’s burning style questions in our new how-to series, “Chic to Chic”. 

We got to thinking recently: How could we take the amazing service of our stores and spread the love online? Our answer: a fun, refreshing, informative series starring two of our favorite women.Tanya Foster is the creator of one of our favorite fashion blogs; her style perspective is refreshingly direct and oh-so-wearable. (And her walk-in closet has a cheetah print carpet. How fabulous is that?) You may recognize Kim Coles from her work on Living Single or from her appearances VH1; her boundless energy and infectious smile brighten our day. Together, they’re a style team made to go chic-to-chic. We hope you enjoy! Scroll down to learn more about the dynamic duo.

Meet Our Hosts

Tanya Foster

Occupation: Lifestyle and Fashion Expert

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Can’t Live Without: Her two Norfolk terriers, Sparky and Max and her cat, Fuzzy.

Fashion DO: Dark denim. You can wear it almost anywhere, from brunch to a night out- even to work, depending on what you do! Paired with a structured blazer, a crisp button down, and a sleek shoe, you’ll look perfectly polished. Add a great necklace or favorite scarf for flair.

Kim Coles

Occupation: Comedian and Inspirational Speaker

Hometown: New York, New York

Can’t Live Without: Books- she’s a history buff!

Fashion DO: Always say “yes” to flowy pants! They’re comfortable and chic- especially for travel (which I do a lot). The key is to wear something structured on top. Great earrings are the perfect finishing touch!

Got your own style question? We love giving advice. Leave a comment below. Don’t want to wait? We hear you: did you know that you can always make an appointment at any of our boutiques with one of our Style Experts for a free styling session? That’s right, we said “free.” Like what you see? We created a special “Chic-to-Chic” Collection you can shop exclusively online

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27 Responses

    1. Terri Dunning

      Would love to purchase the black jumpsuit that Kim is wear. but not sure where to look. Browsed thru a few of the spots but no luck finding it.

  1. Diane

    Please bring back a line of golf clothes! In the past, I have ordered many different styles and what I liked about them is that they could be worn anywhere, looked great, and felt comfortable both on and off the course. What happened to them…there were only a FEW styles these year. They were fabulous!

    1. I totally agree! Most of my golf clothes are from Chico’s! They fit well, are indestructible and do not fade in the hot Florida sun! I am so disappointed that Chico’s has discontinued the line. PLEASE bring them back!!!!

  2. Linda McConnell

    My favorite store as well. Everything one needs is at her fingertips, plus it is wonderful to have wonderful staff who are knowledgeable about current fashion and what women of all sizes need! I need some ideas for clothes for a wedding that I will be attending the latter part of September. Any suggestions, please!

    1. Velma

      My favorite store as well. The only store I shop for fashionable clothes and don’t have to try on several sizes for the right fit. Plus the outfits fit any occasion. The fashion consultants always make me feel fabulous after purchased. Get many complements everytime I wear Chico’s clothes. Planning Alaska-Yukon vacation in August. Need ideas for traveling outfits and what to wear for the captain’ night. Thanks for input.

      1. Chico's

        Hi, Velma! What an amazing vacation you have coming up! Like Tanya suggested, you can bring a variety of different underpinnings and toppers to mix and match with a basic pant or skirt. The key for a trip like this is layers! As for the Captains dinner, might we suggest and elegant dress such as this:

    2. Chico's

      Thank you, Linda! September can be tricky depending on where the wedding is, as it can be still too hot or just getting chilly. One style you can never go wrong with is a classic black dress. Depending on the attire required for the wedding you can dress it up for down with your accessories and add color with a jacket or scarf. This LBD from our Travelers collection is even wrinkle free and packable:

  3. Annette Ciccarelli

    Always love Chip’s since I first found them on a trip to Boston. In fact I still have the outfit some 20+ years later. They were so nice to wear when I was working and always looked professional. Still love shopping for new things. Love the new series with Kim and Tanya.

  4. Natalie Gurin

    I have a 10 day trip to Italy for work in October for which I need a new wardrobe for a variety of reasons. I can’t afford to spend a fortune. Help!!!

    1. Chico's

      Natalie Gurin – We’re here to help, Natalie! Have you heard about our Travelers Collection? It’s a mix-and-match wardrobe with work-appropriate pieces that are wrinkle free and packable. You can find the collection here: Ciao!

  5. Bevery Shelton

    Hello Kim, So happy to hear that you wear Chico too. I’m a teacher and I wear Chico everyday. Sometimes, I’m all Chico and someday 1 or 2 peices from Chico. Question:We are not allowed to wear jeans at work. Trying to convince my principal that jeans can be professional is difficult. What outfit do you suggest I wear to convince him? You are and always will be awesome!

  6. El Taborn

    So great to see Kim!! Enjoyed Kim & Tanya styles too.
    I have an October trip planned to Hawaii. Any suggestions for travel wardrobe. Travel wear casual and dress for a wedding. Staying 5 days

    1. Chico's

      El Taborn – Aloha, El! Hawaii in October will be fabulous! In addition to the packing suggestions from Kim & Tanya, we suggest a breezy maxi dress for a tropical Hawaiian wedding. You can dress it up with heels or wear it casual with flats for sandals. We have some really festive prints that you can view here:

  7. Judi Kauffman

    Chicos is the only store I shop at and I have a couple of ladies who enjoy your/my last years styles..which are really timeless and wear well..but you already knew that. Do you have a fashion panel of customers? I love almost all your styles but I think that the cut out shoulders smack of 2016 and do nothing for all your modern Grandmothers. While I am at it,I wish you would pay a bit more attention to your Canadian friends. If your stores are not well located and well stocked,we will look for somewhere else to shop. Many Thanks!

    1. Chico's

      Judi Kauffman – Thank you for being a fan, Judi! We appreciate your insights and suggestions and will be sure to communicate them to our design and international partners.

  8. Marsha Hunt

    I agree about the cold shoulder look…one or two pieces are okay and I would love to see more tops without the cutout. I am all Chico’s all the time. The looks are timeless and I always receive complements.

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