Dancing Through Life: A Special Event

A few weeks ago a dance troupe comprised of women of all shapes and sizes, all over the age of forty, gave a performance to a gorgeously remixed version of Chaka Khan’s classic, “Ain’t Nobody” in the heart of New York City. Why? Because they love to dance… and they could. We are pleased to share their journey with you- plus a look at the performance day. We think you’ll be as inspired as we are. Watch the video, and check back for stories about some of the amazing women that participated. 

8 am

The troupe gathers at Chico’s NYC headquarters to warm up and go through the routine a few more times. Our cameras are on hand to capture it all.

11 am

Now for the fun part: everyone into hair and makeup!

1 pm

The excitement is building! Time to get dressed…

All the women wore our Juliet Ankle Pants.

2:30 pm

The troupe heads to the performance spot, New York City’s Worth Square, just west of iconic Madison Square Park, and two blocks to the north of the famous Flatiron Building. It’s a neighborhood teeming with tourists and office workers.

3 pm

It’s go time! Everyone’s jitters are calmed as the music starts to play, and a crowd begins to gather.

4:00 pm

Joy and celebration, as the performance ends.

5 pm

Back at Chico’s HQ. Success! A great end to a great day!

Check back over the next few days to learn more about the dancers, starting with Lisa. We can’t wait to share their inspirational stories with you! 

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81 Responses

    1. Denese Johnson

      Chico, you need to make this a dance movement across the USA. There are woman over 40 in all 50 states that can make this happen in your fashion.

    2. Lee Ann Winters

      Love this! I am almost 65 and dance every week in west coast swing! and of course love chico’s. These commercials show such joy!

    3. Carol roberts

      I made a connection! Chicos puts on a fashion show at Haile Plantation Country Club in Gainesville Florida. I am president of the golf league. And, yes, the membership is over forty, very active, and fashionable. We would love to dance as a group. Can you guide us through this activity? Incredible, fantastic, so much joy!!!!
      I love it! Carol Roberts.

    4. Fantastic!
      Just sitting here watching this video at 435am in the morning, as I prepare to go to work.. Made me start swaying with the music! So uplifting! So empowering! Made me want to dance ! I love it !
      The video is pact with energy and self love!
      You go ladies! You did the darn thing! Total Beauty in fluid Motion! Dance ! Living life to the fullest ❤️????

  1. Marilyn B. Carroll

    Wonderful to see so many women of diverse ages and sizes dancing in the street. They look life they are full of joy!

  2. Judith

    Love it! Look at how confident the women looked – like they could conquer the world. And, I’m sure they could. Thank you for inspiring us!

  3. New York, my old stompin’ grounds. These women, from over 40-over 70 decked out in fab Chico’s outfits & having a great time dancing. Holding on to youth is a waste of time. I’m over 60, happily married with my own real estate business. As older women hitting our stride, this is clearly our time. Rock on, ladies!

  4. Susan Roberts

    Loved it, it was so inspiring. I am 68 and still rocking it. I get my dance fix with Jazzercise, five days a week. I leave feeling good physically and mentally. There are many classes offered all over the U.S. and beyond. Come join us and get your “groove” on. BTW if you ever started this group near me, I’d be the first in line to join.

  5. Patty Permuy

    Love this! I just turned 70 on August 26 and my family surprised me with a Havana Nights birthday party which, of course, included a lot of dancing. I’ve been a Chico’s clothing fan for many years (very evident by my overflowing closet) and love that you all sponsored this dance event to celebrate women. Feel free to include me anytime!

    1. Sheila Brandenburg

      Would love to be a part of this group.I am 57 and love to dance.I’m in Memphis, Tn. and enjoy life.Dancing makes
      me feel alive and free.Love Chico’s.

  6. I love Chico’s and am 64 and would love to do this Apex, NC! We were voted #1 Best Small Town in America!!! I have got a group already together!!! Would love to make this happen! I am sitting here in my Chico’s outfit!!! Also, I am know as the Dancing Queen and Jammin Jo Jo!!!

  7. Monica Belles

    My name is monica,I’m originally from Pennsylvania,living in Florida for now. I love to dance,used to dance with my friends,entertain at nursing homes. I’m 57 years old. Dancing is my passion,makes me feel hapoy,energized,and I love to smile. I would love to do this.

  8. Carol Culbertson

    I have a friend in Austin Tx who has been tapping for almost 75 years. You need to look at her. She represents the best of us!!!

  9. .

    I work for Chicos in Naples Florida and this represents the type of ladies I see all of the time; fun loving, fierce, happy ladies who love to look good and have a wonderful time doing it!!! Go Ladies……Go Chicos

  10. Carol Gallo

    Gosh, could I use this in my life right now. I’m 78 and love to dance. Love Chico’s even more. 90% of my wardrobe is Chico’s!

  11. Jane Esposito

    I have danced all my life. I danced with a studio for 10 years. I would love to be a part of this group. I live in NY.
    How do I become a part of this amazing group. Right now I am a marketing team leader. I love Chicos. This would be wonderful. It looks like so much fun.

  12. Well I’m over 50yrs old and would love to join those lovely women because people don’t understand everyone is not able to be bless. I live in Tampa Florida and would love to model so of Chico clothes I can’t afford your clothes but they are so beautiful. Please come to Florida some women would love to dance . ?????.

  13. What an amazing event! Dancing Through Life shows strong women who feel beautiful, empowered and who are capable of anything! Our company, Dance With Me, stands for similar values in that we encourage everyone to feel like their best self at any age. We actually have a student story series that follows the journeys of men and women who use dance as an outlet and tool to reach their potentials, feel fulfilled, feel confident, and look great doing it! Check it out right here! 🙂 (You’ll love it)

  14. Donna Hayes

    “Loved loved Loved the dance presentation” would love to be a part of something like that, it would also be out of character for me. Thanks you for sharing these wonderful women stories, it truly made my heart smile. love Chicos clothing I have a few pieces in my closet and when put them on I know I feel like good and feel special. I am 56 and love to dance but have few opportunities to do so. I would love to have the experience and opportunity to do something like what those ladies did. Thanks, once again for sharing these wonderful women experience with me. smile. By-the-way this is also my first time ever writing a review☺️

  15. I love this! This was empowering experience for women. All these women loved dancing and in Chicos clothing and they felt good about themselves! I would love to join a group in Michigan. I have been buying Chicos clothing for 20 years, or more. When I wear outfits from Chicos, I always get compliments and asked wear I purchased these outfits. I have been dancing for years and would to start up a Michigan Chicos Girls “Dancing for Life”, or join an existing one. This a great way to advertise Chico’s Clothing and show the world that women of all ages and sizes can feel good about themselves while having fun at the same time. Brilliant idea for Chicos!!!. Please contact me about being a part of a Michigan Chicos group. I promise you; you wont regret it!
    Best Regards, Robin Cowhy -734-429-2446

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