Dancing Through Life: Julie

A few weeks ago a dance troupe comprised of women of all shapes and sizes, all over the age of forty, gave a performance to a gorgeously remixed version of Chaka Khan’s classic, “Ain’t Nobody” in the heart of New York City. Why? Because they love to dance and they could. We noticed that Julie was one of the dancers the others referenced. It came as no suprise when we found out that she’s a dance teacher and part of three generations of dancers. 

Meet Julie

Julie, 57, Dance Teacher

How long have you been a dancer?

My mother was a dancer, so basically, I’ve been dancing since before I born! And my daughter is a dancer too.

How do you feel about being 57?

Well, there are a few parts that are a little hard to handle. You just have to accept some things that change—it’s not as easy to move the way I used to, for example. For the most part, I love all the experiences I’ve had. You finally come to a place where you’re authentic and you are who you are, take it or leave it. That part feels good.

Why are you dancing through life?

I dance because I have to. I love it. I was born to dance. It’s my passion.

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6 Responses

  1. Mary Lawso

    please, chicos….
    let us see what that dance troupe looks like in action!
    Love the commercial…gave me Energy!

  2. As a breast cancer survivor and huge fan of Chico’s, I am SO greatful to meet these dancers. I dance my way through life also and have found that there is nothing quite like it! When I do Zumba, my soul opens up with joy and laughter. I know that I have been given extra years of grace and am so blessed to share my joy with others! Thank you all for celebrating life with me!

  3. Marquita

    I would love to start a dance troupe in my area. Does anyone have words of wisdom to share about this endeavor? You girls are such inspiration!!