Dancing Through Life: Shorey

A few weeks ago a dance troupe comprised of women of all shapes and sizes, all over the age of forty, gave a performance to a gorgeously remixed version of Chaka Khan’s classic, “Ain’t Nobody” in the heart of New York City. Why? Because they love to dance… and they could. Shorey caught our eye because of her positive energy and attitude. Learn more about her here. 

Meet Shorey

Shorey, 45, Mom, Dance Teacher, and Program Coordinator

How do you feel about being 45?

There’s nothing but pride. I just feel so proud of all of the knowledge that I’ve gained, and it’s nice not to care so much about how other people feel. With knowledge and with experience comes pride.

How do you feel about the song? What does it mean to you?

“Ain’t Nobody” is one of the most beautiful, moving songs I’ve ever heard. If you actually listen to the lyrics and take them to heart, it can move your heart. When I hear it, I get so involved emotionally, and invested in my movement. The lyrics are so empowering. The song means that I don’t have to worry about how anybody else feels about me. My confidence, and my love of self and style, is more important than anybody else’s view of who I am.

If you could give your 20-year-old self any advice, what would it be?

It would be “Keep dancing”. I have never stopped dancing, and I am so glad I didn’t. At one point I was going to stop. I had children, and my body felt different. But just moving through that and never stopping… movement can bring such flexibility, and it also grows your mind, so never stop moving. Never stop growing. Never stop dancing.

Why are you dancing through life?

I dance because it’s my idea of a good time. I just love it. I dance because it brings me joy. I dance because I still got it.

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  1. CHERYL. ja

    Very interesting I LOVE TO DANCE AND WOULD LIKE TO KNOW YOUR REQUIREMENTS. I have cancer but I am doing my best and dance improves my look out on this disease and makes me feel good.

  2. Sara. Silva

    I have a lots of close from Chicos. I lot he music , love dancing and modeling. Love the moves , that was my talent in Ms. Southern Ga. Senior Pageant in Columbus Ga.

  3. I’m Susan Ruiz in San Juan,Puerto Rico working for our beloved Veterans, and I have always promoted dance and music to all of them in the Recreation Therapy groups. This is the magic medication that always seems to help them the best. Keep encouraging all women from all ages…Great job!

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