Getting to Know The Girlfriends

They support you, give you great advice, make you laugh, and most importantly, of course, go shopping with you. We’d be lost without our girlfriends. And we definitely wouldn’t have as much fun. When we thought about our favorite jeans, we realized they really are like good friends, so we decided wanted to celebrate friendship. We’re pleased to introduce you to the three pairs of real friends that starred in our Spring campaign. Relatable, down to earth… they remind us of our besties.

Juliette and Anne-Marie: The Complementary Pair

How They Met 

Juliette: We met about 8 years ago when we both applied for the same job.

Anne-Marie: We got to talking and connected because we are both from the Caribbean. I’m from Antigua, and she’s from Barbados. We also both come from big families. She’s the youngest of seven. My grandmother raised me, and she also had seven children. I was like her eighth. We also both came here in our early teens.So, we were raised in a similar way, and have the same sensibilities. We can relate to what the other went through. It’s rare to find someone you share that kind of common language with.

What Bonds Them

Anne-Marie: We’re sort of opposites, so we really complement each other.

Juliette: I get excited easily; I’m very over the top. I like to celebrate everything. Anne-Marie is always very cool. She brings me down to earth and keeps me grounded.

Anne-Marie: And Juliette inspires me to have more fun!

Juliette: We laugh a lot together, that’s for sure.

When They’re Not Models, They Are…

Anne-Marie: A Flight Attendant!

Juliette: Working at Lowes!

Shannon and Anne-Mieke: The Supportive Pair

How They Met

Anna-Mieke: Her now-husband and my ex-boyfriend were (and still are) friends, and they really wanted us to get along. They threw us at each other. Of course, we did not hit it off at all. We learned to tolerate each other. Then, a month before she got married, my boyfriend broke up with me. I went to the wedding anyway, and when she saw me, she hugged me so tight that I knew she was upset. In that moment, Shannon really stepped up in the friendship. That was nearly 20 years ago. Now, we talk about everything: work, relationships, everything. She has two little boys who I just love.  And there’s 20 years in a nutshell.

Shannon: Yeah, it only took twenty years… but I like her now.

What Makes Their Friendship Tick

Anne Mieke: She doesn’t judge me, and actually, I would say she even likes the not-so-pretty things that make me, well, me; she accepts my faults and my not so fun side.  After all these years, we still just hang out and it’s the same as it always has been, which is rare. You go in and out of friendships all the time, depending on where you are in life, but to maintain one and keep it strong for 20  years, that’s pretty awesome.

Shannon: Mieke always asks the right questions. She challenges my thought process. Sometimes I think, “well, hold on a minute, I just sat down to bitch and moan. I didn’t sit down to get challenged.” But it always helps. She also listens really well; she has a different way of thinking than I do. She’s a little further outside the box and it’s great because it helps me process all the little struggles in life, all the ups and downs, in a new way.

Renee and Zoraya: The Like-Sisters Pair

How They Met

Renee: We met almost seven years ago, through work. We have the same interests and we clicked right away. We’ve remained friends ever since. We have a lot in common.  She makes the most beautiful food… you almost don’t want to eat it, it’s so pretty. And it tastes as good as it looks.

Zoraya: I’m from Margarita Island, a beautiful, tiny, little island in the Caribbean, that is part of Venezuela. It’s a very relaxing place. Now, I live on in a totally different teeny island called Manhattan. It’s crazy how different it is. I love to cook. When I’m not working, I’m cooking. I’m cooking pretty food as much as I can so it’s very important for me visual. I like everything pretty. I like pretty friends. Pretty everything. Pretty food and pretty everything.

Renee: We’ll just go to her house and hang out with her and her husband. We’ll have an amazing meal and relax, and it’s always just such a nice time together.

On Loving Each Other’s Style

Renee: Zoraya has the best style ever. I’m always asking her where she gets everything. She’s really good with accessorizing with like clothes, belt, bracelets. They all go together and I’m pretty clueless when it comes to that. I always say I need her help. She kind of takes risks. Every time I see her out she’s wearing a funky scarf, added jewelry, some color. Everything looks so effortless.

Zoraya:  I say the same thing about Renee! How funny. She always looks so beautiful and so put-together. She has such a classic look- she can be in something simple like jeans and a button down and look amazing. Her hair is always perfect.

Renee: You know, people say we look alike.

Zoraya: My husband thinks we look like sisters.

Renee: It’s such a compliment…

Zoraya: I think so too! I wish my hair always looked as good as hers does!

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  1. virginia kositzky wayland mich.

    Thanks for the new catalog . page 10 the white blouse on the bottom of the page with the lacy sleeves, so cute. could you give me pictures of this item?

  2. Connie Oliveros

    Hi – I like your catalog on “meeting the best girlfriends”, late March 2017 issue. My girlfriend of over 50 years wore the same Chicos’s outfit during our Golden jubilee (50 years of nursing) at our college reunion in Manila, Philippines on February 6, 2017. We can even send you a copy of our pictures. And even some of our classmates wanted to know where we bought it. She is from Laguna Niguel, CA and I’m from Las Vegas, NV.

  3. Julie Malcheff

    From several knee surgeries, I do not limp and have some basic modeling experience, my 3rd airline has filed for bankruptcy,and carrying around bags that weigh almost as much as me , id love to meet up and talk to someone that could meet me , and see If they would think , Id be an asset to your company , ,I honestly think I would be .. My mom and I have shopped at Chicos for years . Im 5’7″ and weigh 112 lbs , besides my knee surgeries, Im very healthy . . Sincerely, Julie Malcheff. # 708-368-2661 . I live in Hoffman Estates, Illinois , would be willing to go to your corporate office or any of your properties , to meet and get any information about your company , kind of funny , when I’ve mentioned my interest
    to a few woman , that are my age they told me , I’m to old . But with the right looks and most importantly the right attitude, I’m thinking there has got to be a market for someone like me . Thank you again !

    1. Chico's

      Hi Julie, thanks for your interest! Please go to and look for “Careers” at the very bottom of the webpage to view all current job opportunities within our company. As applications are submitted through our website, you may wish to remove the post with your contact information for privacy related reasons. Thanks again and good luck! Chico’s

  4. Robin Martz

    what is the difference between girlfriend jeans and boyfriend jeans… Also why is everything andle length… I am short and it just looks like the pants are too short.

  5. Sheryl L

    Show the average women who also wear your clothing-curvey women! Get into this century and get educated about highlighting all sizes and shapes.not just the women and girlfriends and mothers who are thin. Health and looking great is about fitness less about weight and size Chico’s, your time is NOW, get in front of THAT trend! Come on, be brave.

  6. Freya Davidson

    Your clothes have changed over the years. You seem to be after the younger market lately. What happened to the over 65 group? We have money to spend.

  7. Carol Safier

    I’m interested in buying the ruffled cold shoulder dress (Style #570201607). Is it available in size 2.5? If not presently available, will it be in the future? Thanks for your help.

  8. Janie Bonds

    I am disappointed that I can’t see the feedback on items. I have always used that when determining which pieces I want to buy. It helped tremendously.

  9. Meg Caldwell

    We know that Chicos is full of challenges for great dressing, no matter wha our age. Being an interior designer is fun, busy and demanding. Being over 65 we know the colors, styles and shapes that look good. The trick is the mix! Chicos offers so many wonderful types of clothes. Know thyself and pick items that flatter each other, then they will flatter you! One very special thing is to keep building your closet from Chicos…..Their colors and products last forever. I love mixing my vintage Chico with my new selections with a bit of style mixed in.

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