Great White Shirts

We don’t believe in “age-appropriate” dressing. We believe in looking and feeling our best all the time. That is why one of our go-to items is a great white shirt. 

Pia is wearing our classic Easy Popover Shirt. It’s great on its own, or with some simple yet bold jewelry, like these stacked Casey Bangles, Rue Bangles and Casey Hoop Earrings. The statement specs offer the perfect face-framing finish.

Marlene Dietrich Photo by Laszlo Willinger/John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images. Katharine Hepburn Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images

White shirts look as chic now as they did back then. We love Marlene Dietrich’s thin belt and trouser-inspired pant. Katharine Hepburn’s more casual look is perfect inspiration for a weekend relaxing with friends and family.

Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

I love white shirts because they feel like a security blanket. You can wear them with anything. It’s the person and the way that they wear it that makes it different.

– Carolina Herrera, designer, white shirt enthusiast, style icon.

Photo Credit: Lauren Colantoni

FACT: Over the years, our brand stylist, Sher Canada, has amassed a collection of over 50 white shirts. That should tell you something about how much we love them. Here she wears Chico’s Effortless Lenae Shirt, a vintage Chico’s leopard print clutch, Black Label Pintucked Slim Ankle Pants, and her own (amazing) ring and cuff.

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33 Responses

  1. Lori

    Thank You! Thank You!! for having older models. Would love it if maybe they weren’t so skinny. They don’t have to be plus size but look more “average American gal” like.

  2. I too am a white shirt enthusiast. Can’t have too many. Maybe it’s the Katharine Hepburn wanna-be in me 🙂 I love shopping at Chico’s because the fashion is age-appropriate for a young 60+ lady like me. Sizes are always available and well – I look and feel great in the clothes!

  3. Jody Huston

    I’ve always loved white shirts, I’m going to build a collection of your latest ones! … and Chico’s, thank you for showing us your beautiful older models. They are an inspiration.

  4. Wanda Vereen

    I would love to be a Chico model of diversity, love the clothes, always, always gets complimentsome when wearing these awesome pieces.

  5. Olive DuPree

    Where are your plus/womens……can rarely find 3/4…….still i keep looking only to be continuously disapointed
    What’s up Chico’s

  6. Kirsten Karlsen

    You should see the catalogues … Very multi-cultural … And how can you tell what “race” someone is from these or any other pictures? Women of color are ALL colors, no?

  7. I love your variety of white shirts! Can never have enough of white shirts! My hubby just got me my 1st short Cowboy boots w/ emblishments! Now I need jeans & shirts utter shirt) since I have menopause tummy & fat that I can’t get rid of! Thanks for your great selection of clothes!! Deb in Az

  8. Josephine

    White is “classic” always right with so many outfits…The “black retro glasses” look great with white shirts, too! So enjoy your combinations and designs put together…

  9. Love the no iron shirts, they always look crisp! Does anyone have a problem with perspiration with them, or ideas on how to wear without the problem? I love them but the fabric is non breathable .


    where are your women of color,such as me.I shop at chicos all the time.and my spouse will go in and pick up nice pieces for me and he mention that you may see one black associate,not good.I’am a very attractive black petite young lady in my late 50,and I must say that i style and profile chicos clothing.It’s a classic look.I always get compliments,whether,I’am in church are just out with my spouse.Corporate has to work on this issue.My spouse notice it and I was not with him so that speak volumes. CHICO’S GET IT TOGETHER,we are shopping in your stores.

  11. Sheila

    Thank you for standing up for women of color. Corporations don’t usually get it until there bottom line is impacted…please stop shopping at Chicos until they change their policies.

  12. frances

    I would like to see more of the soft crepe blouse or shirt…the Marlena Ditrich look….can be very feminine even in a shirt.

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