Holiday Style Expert: Maye Musk

From the runways of Paris to glamorous dinners with the likes of Diane Von Furstenberg, it’s been fashion “it girl” Maye Musk’s year of living fabulously. The best part? She’s 68. The embodiment of the idea that hard work pays off, she’s been a working model for her entire career, as well as a very successful nutritionist, and mother of three grown children. We invited her to our holiday party photo shoot and talked to her about her amazing journey, plus the importance of social media. Want to see her other holiday picks and her looks? Try our special store here.

On the left: Ruffle-Trim Trench Coat, Harper Leggings, Eloise Stud Earrings. On the right: Jacquard Jacket, Tuxedo Ankle Pants, Gold-Ridge Stretch Bracelet.

How does it feel to be “discovered” in your 60s? How did social media help you?

It is fun to be discovered after working so hard. Don’t give up!!! Ever!!! Social media definitely helped me. Many jobs and editorial requests come to me from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I’ve been modeling for years, but the difference now is that people really want to know about me, and most of my shoots also include interviews. That’s new! I have given many lectures on wellness, entrepreneurship, and modeling, but having the opportunity to bring my experiences into modeling is exciting.

What are you loving about this particular moment in your life?

This is the best time of my life. My three children and ten grandchildren are happy and successful. I am having fun with work as I meet new people and travel all over the world, and get to be part of some truly creative work. It’s just amazing.

How do you feel about getting older?

I have liked every year more than the last. It seems to get better. The body does get older, but some fashion houses understand this and make fashionable clothes for older people. We can continue to look good!

Above, Maye wears: Pleated-Sleeve Top, Soft Ankle Pants, Sonia Bib Necklace.

How do you usually spend your holidays?

As a family, we always plan to spend the holidays together, whether it’s at one of our homes or elsewhere. Kimbal (my younger son) loves to cook some of his favorite dishes while Tosca (my daughter) assists. This year has not been planned yet. So, let’s see if it’s abroad or a nice home cooked meal by us, together.

You’re a registered dietician—what are your tips and tricks for staying healthy during the holidays while still enjoying them?

This is a challenge for everyone, including me. There is so much food served during the holidays, but there are really only a few overeating occasions, like sit down dinners and parties with large buffets. It can be hard to refrain from temptation. However, we’re not at those events all the time! The key is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables when you’re not indulging. That way you can enjoy yourself at parties without too much damage.

Do you have any special dishes or drinks you serve at holiday time? What are they?

With three children, they decide on the special dishes and drinks. My younger son, Kimbal, who is a chef with many restaurants, and my daughter Tosca, who loves to cook, make the main decisions. Tosca will cook a turkey and stuffing following the recipe from Kimbal’s restaurant, The Kitchen. Kimbal may cook a roast with Yorkshire pudding.

We tracked down Kimbal’s restaurant, The Kitchen’s, stuffing recipe. We can’t wait to try it.

Kimbal Musk’s Stuffing


  • 1 package of bacon, strips cut into 1 inch pieces
  • 1 large white onion, chopped finely
  • 1 container of button mushrooms, sliced thinly
  • 2 cups of dried unsweetened cranberries
  • 5 sticks of celery, sliced thinly
  • two heaping tablespoons of thyme leaves
  • two heaping tablespoons of chopped rosemary
  • 1 bag of dried bread croutons – no flavor added (they have them in Whole Foods – bag is about the size of a loaf of bread)
  • 2 liters of chicken stock, heated separately


  1. Put the bacon pieces into a large pot/pan with high edges. Saute until slightly crispy. All the fat will come out into the pan. You want that.
  2. Add the chopped onions to the bacon and the fat. Lower heat to simmer and let the onions go transparent. (15 minutes)
  3. Add the dried cranberries, sliced celery, sliced mushrooms, thyme and rosemary. Add one tablespoon of salt and some fresh pepper. Stir occasionally for 15 minutes.
  4. Mix in half the bread croutons to coat with all the fat and vegetables.
  5. Start adding the hot chicken stock until you have the consistency you like. Add more croutons if you want it more bready.

What do you hope for the New Year?

In the New Year, I’m hoping to continue to travel to interesting places for work, experience new cultures, practice my languages (French, German, Dutch/Afrikaans) and most of all, have fun. I hope to continue representing women over 65 and inspiring them to stay healthy, to keep learning, and look after themselves.

Do you have any “go-to” gifts that you get others? What do you love to get?

How cute are these limited edition winebags? Pair them with a Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages for a delicious hostess gift. Click to buy: Toast To The Host Wine Bottle Bag.

For parties, I like to bring a good bottle of champagne. For my gift, receiving a nice bottle of wine that I can serve to guests is best. I don’t know wine well so I love to depend on friends, and learn from their favorites.

What do you want to get?

Click to buy: Whitley Puffer Vest.

I’d love a comfortable, cozy vest like this one. It would be great for traveling (planes are always chilly) or relaxing at home—I’d throw it on in the cool LA morning to walk my dog!

Follow Maye’s fashionable journeys at her Instagram here. For information on what she’s wearing go to our party shop here.

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  1. Thanks for featuring Maye! She is simply fabulous. Her love and connection to family is both heartwarming and inspiring. I love following her adventures and success on social media.

  2. carol jackson

    I Absolutely enjoyed all the holiday recommendations from dressing, decorations
    and eats. Now that I am older I enjoy very
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    Christmas season.

  3. Barbara Phipps

    Glad to see a model in age group of past 50. As I
    Am 75 . I am always looking for inspiration of how dress my age. Most models are very young or mid 40s.

  4. I find I identify with Maye Musk. I Too was in fashion, graduated from Tobe-Coburn, went to work for Pagano Studios, then Richard Waite, photographer as a stylist in NYC. Currently I am a ceramic artist living in Pawlet, Vt.. And I am now 78 and keep myself in really good shape. Maye is sitting on the table, I prefer to dance on tables – –


    Gorgeous you inspire me to continue being me, beautiful, fabulous, healthy and smart! Good luck and blessings for the coming new year 2017′ <3

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    I enjoyed this article. I have always loved Chico clothes, so its nice to hear the one of the models. U should hire more minority (black) models also.. I am conservative in dressing so I like the clothes..

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    I am 87 and love Chico clothes. Two of my birthday gifts from my son and daughter in law were the ruffled faux leather jacket and the removable cowl glitter top. It was such fun wearing them during the holidays!

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