Holiday Style Special: Meet The Experts

This year, to celebrate the arrival of our holiday collection, we threw a party, hosted by An, and invited some of our favorite stylish women to participate. We’re pleased to introduce them to you. Each of them has great ideas, advice, and experience to share. Scroll down to meet them, and click through to read each of their stories. 

Maye Musk

From Paris Fashion Week, to dinners with Diane von Furstenberg, Maye Musk is currently one of fashion’s hottest “it girls”. Not bad for 68! She’s also a registered dietician, a mom, and a grandma. We wanted to learn more about how she enjoys the season without overdoing it.

Click here to read Maye’s story.

Danielle Rollins

Interior designer and lifestyle expert Danielle Rollins has amazing taste, along with a great sense of style and humor. Luckily for us, she’s also generous with her advice. She shares her tips on making the most out of your holiday with the least stress… plus her recipe for a French 75.

Click here to read Danielle’s story.

Kim Mitchell Stokes

Kim Mitchell Stokes, the writer of one of our favorite blogs, J’Adore Couture, is an Art Director, Style Expert and Fashion blogger. Inspired by her great eye, we asked her to share the best way to keep your holiday looks fresh, plus her holiday plans. (Bonus: she shares her grandmother’s cornbread recipe!)

Click here to read Kim’s story.

Jamie Lewinger

We love Jamie Lewinger, of More Than Turquoise, for her wit, charm, and unconventional taste in Southwestern fashion. She let’s us in on how her family celebrates and the story behind her cheekily named blog.

Click here to read Jamie’s story.

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17 Responses

  1. glendakstyle

    You have such a beautiful selection of women. They all are very inspiring. Thank you for continuing to highlight such extraordinary, seasoned women.

  2. Nancy

    Thank you for showing me again that I am ENOUGH! All the Women shared here are inspiring and I turn inward to remind myself that my own style is awesome!

    1. camille c.smith

      My favorite model is An. She wears Chico’s clothes better than any other model. I sound prejudiced but I am not even her size and/or height. She just exudes class in every way possible.

  3. Jacqueline Bergantz-Lacroix

    What about the other blond lady with short hair pictured ? I am blond with short hair and I always love to wear what she does plus she is always so charming and looks great. How about her Christmas and things ? Can we hear ?

  4. Sally Marcum

    I love your mature models. When a woman grows older she has no where to get great fashion and classic style information. So happy to find Chico’s..

  5. Janice Jackson

    I fell in love with Chico about three years ago. The unique chic style promotes sophication in any woman’s warerobe. I recently turned 58 years of age and my Son gave me a photoshoot. I was dressed in a Chico chic navy and gold jacket, leopard blouse with demin jeans. The fall leaves made a perfect match! I am a Chico girl!!!

  6. Linda Martin

    I have to say I have two walk in closets and they are filled with Chico’s closet. I have no more room and everyone give be gift certificates for my Birthday, Christmas and all occasions. I love Chico’s and have been in so many of there Stores. Fort Meyers, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Palm Desert where I live and where ever I see one. They are all over Florida and I buy my presents for my friends at Chico’s also. Thanks Chico’s you make it easy for me to shop.

  7. Kathleen Thompson

    I wish you would feature (regularly) shorter more shapely models. The VAST MAJORITY of gals who Love Love Love Chicos are NOT 5’10” and a size 00. Many like myself are 5′ and a size 3 or 4!

    We love your clothes and are very clever at finding creative ways to find Chicos outfits that actually fit us… you can keep those skinny leg things and what’s with the tons of shirts with missing shoulders and slits in the arms. Didn’t you notice that is freezing outside in most of the country?

    We girls of many sizes also love Chicos, please remember we try to spend money in your stores whenever we can find cute outfits that actually fit us!

  8. yvonne

    We need more of your holiday line items available for sale before holidays like NOW!!!!! I had a bad experience several times trying to get really nice holidays items like Augustina Sequined Cardigan online right after receiving your catalog at home, and I couldn’t get it. They were all sold out in my (most popular) size 12/14 (2). All you have are the small sizes, and I am disappointed, yet again. Hopefully, we can get more of the hot selling items online and at the stores, especially before holidays. Please, Chico’s people listen to our problems and try to make us happy next season!

  9. I loved all of your holiday collection I bought everythng and wore it to holiday parties, events and the theater! I wish the Black Label velvet embellished jacket, pants and shell came out earlier so that I could have used it earlier in the Christmas Season don’t worry I will be wearing the look for New Years Eve! I have a request more ruanas to go with the dressier looks to top off the chic look ! When I looked in my closet and tried to find something to go over the Black Label velvet embellished jacket and to make it look fabulously I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if there was an embellished ruanna or Big Scarf ! Continue the beautiful looks ! Just more complete looks would be dreamy!!!

  10. Gaye Sullivan

    Thank you for your beautifully designed clothes and the mature models who prove that you don’t have to be a “young chic to be hip”!!! All you need is a sense of “class and elegance” and I get that from Chico’s!! Congratulations on your great web site that is easy to use and all the extra articles and pictures to inspire me. I will be 80 in Nov. but being a Chico’s woman make me feel younger!

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