How To Style A Scarf

No accessory is more versatile than a scarf. To demonstrate, we put together this handy how-to guide: turn a scarf into a vest, use an infinity scarf as a chic head-covering, or just drape around your neck and go. Intrigued? Watch the video, and..

…shop some scarves, in every shape and style. What’s your favorite? We love the Layla Animal-Print scarf, pictured above.


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17 Responses

  1. Sandy

    Love your fall collection of classic taupes and grays, creams… All interchangeable. Chico’s has a great team of stylists in your Wilmington, NC store.

  2. M. Martin

    I would like to see ladies pants that fit all the way to the waist line like they did until several years ago. Not all ladies like them to drop below the waist. I feel as if I am going to lose them at any time, plus when you bend over they ride even further down. Very uncomfortable. please tell the manufacture’s that we would like a choice. One style does not fit all!!!

  3. Pa

    I would really like to see more examples of your jewelry shown with tops…not just with a solid white or black. For example, I ordered the Stamped Paisley Sweater, and was lucky to get the Whirl Floral Scarf before it sold out. I would like to get some ideas of what jewelry would go well with this top, for another look. There are so many beautiful blues, pinks and purple choices this season, but you show only one necklace (peaking through under the scarf) and one pair of earrings. It would be great to be able to select a top and select a necklace so you can compare and decide what looks best, or at least give some more pictures showing your jewelry with your the tops you sell. Thank you!!

  4. Paula

    Well since I didn’t get a response from Chico’s, I made a trip to the store. Thankfully they still had the sweater and I was able to find the perfect match. The Lucy Necklace #570160554 looks absolutely gorgeous with this sweater. I can’t wait until the sweater, scarf and the jeggings, in in Eggplant, get here on Friday. I wanted to leave this comment, as a review, but there was not an option to do so using my phone.

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