J’Adore the Fedora

Phyllis Cerrato, Chico's Accessories expert, is passionate about jewelry, sunglasses, and all things accessories. A world traveler, she brings her flawless eye to every piece. Here she tells us why fedoras are the hat for fall.

A fedora is something that gives you attitude. It’s playful. If you wear a fedora, you really want to make a statement. It can elevate your outfit, or, say you’re not feeling so great, you pop a fedora on and you feel better. For a minute, at least.

I’ve really been thinking about this too. Last weekend, while shopping in New York, I was walking around in Greenwich Village, and I saw a woman who was probably in her 60’s with a fedora on. She stopped me in my tracks, she looked amazing! So pulled together. Then, later that weekend, I saw this little girl on a skateboard crossing Madison Avenue with her mother. She was probably 5. And she had this adorable little fedora on her little head. It made her outfit! And the fedora looked equally good on this child, who was so stylish on a skateboard with this hat, and on this chic older woman.

It’s a classic way to get noticed. It’s charming, it’s witty… especially on a woman. A fedora really is something that you invest in. If you wear it for a year, you might put it away for another year but then you will take it back out. It’s timeless. It’s a classic. It’s the classic hat shape. Absolutely.

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  1. i would love to find a fedora just like that in the fall collections. please contemplate doing just that. i do like the leopard print also. may order if you don’t get the camel color one for us…thanks in advance…

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