Make Chic Happen: Master the Mix

The best things about this time of year: tomatoes at the farmer’s market, rich sunsets, and- most of all- new fall clothes. Our stylist, Sher, breaks down the season’s best go-to looks, and exactly how to wear them with anything, everything and each other. Watch and become a master mixologist. No license needed.

1: The Denim Peplum Jacket

Click to buy: Denim Peplum Jacket, Leopard Statement Top, Caila Hoop Earrings, Alexis Cuff.

Oh denim! Don’t ask me how many denim jackets I have- it’s a lot. But this one is like nothing else I have in my closet. Why? Because it is so versatile; it’s got the peplum, which draws in your waist. It’s perfect over a pair of pants or a pencil skirt. And here’s the best part: you can unzip the bottom and it becomes a little bolero jacket. So if you want to wear it to the theater, (I don’t know about you, but I’m always cold) if you want to wear it to a restaurant, if you want to wear a sleeveless sundress, and but need some stylish arm coverage: this is the denim jacket for you.

2: The Side Button Nicolette Pullover

Click to buy: Side-Button Nicolette Pullover, Soft Skimmer Pants, Carmela Belt, Alexis Statement Earrings.

In my twenty years at Chico’s this is probably my favorite little knit sweater ever. You can change it up by: rolling up the sleeves, tucking it completely in, tucking it in the front only,or leaving it out for a really “cool girl” look.

3: The Everyday Peasant Top

Click to buy: Everyday Peasant Top, Drapey Wide-Leg Pants, Deconstructed Zip Jeggings, Alexis Long Necklace, Sofia Hoop Earrings.

This is that feminine, awesome little peasant looking top that I am always looking for. I just feel great it in it. It’s got an elastic bottom, so it gives me a waistline, and I don’t have to tuck it in if I don’t want to. But, I can tuck it in if I feel like it. It’s so pretty, that I feel like such a girl when I wear it! There is nothing better about being a girl than being a girl! Try it with this season’s wide legged pant. It’s gorgeous!

4: The Leopard Scarf

Click to buy: Margot Scarf.

Okay this is one of the key pieces to becoming a true mixologist: Put it in your hair, around your neck, around your waist, like a belt. My favorite application: I matched it up with this soft leopard top and it makes it look like a beautiful blouse. It’s seriously the hardest working piece in my closet right now. Did I mention it goes with everything? It does. Leopard is my favorite color.

5: The Faux Suede Jacket

Click to buy: Faux-Suede Jacket, Deconstructed Zip Jeggins, Marley Earrings, Marley Textured Link Necklace, Marley Cuff.

I have never been on a motorcycle; I wouldn’t dream of it- that helmet would destroy my hair, but I love to wear a motorcycle jacket just to pretend. This version is spectacular. It’s an amazing cobalt blue, so you can wear it with jeans, or you can wear it with a cream pant and really mix it up. You can dress it up with heels, or use it to dress up a more casual look, like that distressed denim. It works both ways! When I wear this jacket, I feel like people are looking at me and thinking “that girl knows what’s happening…”  It’s just cool.

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9 Responses

  1. Josephine

    Love it all…thanks for making it all happen…it works…we just have to be confident…get lots of compliments…keep trying…it’s fun and amazing…Thanks Chico’s!!!

    1. Carol Peck

      I agree with Jen….not everyone is pencil thin. I love Chico’s clothing…over 15 years now and happy Chico’s is finally in Canada. I love Travelers because it is forgiving, elastic waist, etc.but certainly wouldn’t be tucking anything at the waistline.

    1. Trish Reeder

      Love the video. I am 100% a Chico’s woman. So happy to see Sher again. I’ll never stop wearing Chico’s clothes. I always get lots of compliments.

  2. Robin Tiner

    I’ve been looking for the perfect red dress to dress up or down. Not too short and not sleeveless (I’m almost 70 and so are my upper arms!) Would like a true red.

  3. Melodie Moyer

    I love Chicos with one major exception.
    Certain pants fit when purchased only
    to literly GROW after a few wearings.
    Very dis hart ing to go on a trip an have
    this go down. You must know what I mean
    they know it at your stores in KY.
    Everything else is nice except the white fringe
    soft cotton T-shirt the fringe came off after two

    Still I love you?

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