Meet The Mother Daughter Duos

She’s our role model and cheerleader. She tells it like it is and taught us everything we know. She’s a superhero, she’s a style muse, she’s mom. We sat down to chat with some of our favorite real-life moms and daughters (who were also kind enough to do a little modeling for us is this month). Read on to see what they had to say about fashion, growing up, sharing—and over sharing.


Marni Malinosky And Her Mother, Louise Cooley

Becoming A Mother (And A Grandmother)

Louise: Being the mother, you are apt to go back to how your child was when they were growing up or when the last time they lived with you. And then, you see them come into their own. There are some things that you won’t like. That I haven’t liked. But then, there are so many things that I do like and there are so many things that totally, totally surprised me. I’ll say, “I didn’t know you were like that.” “I didn’t know you thought that way,” or “I didn’t know.”

Marni: They always say, “You appreciate your mother when you become a parent.” That is really kicking in right about now. In a major way.

Louise: That’s so nice of you to tell me and thank me, for the things that you remember that I did for you.

Listen To Your Mother

Marni: She used to always say when I was little: “You need to be responsible for yourself, so bring a book and bring stuff to keep yourself busy.” She taught me to be self-sufficient and enjoy my own company. That’s a huge gift.

Describe Each Other’s Style

Louise: Marni is very different. Eclectic? Is that the word?

Marni: Yeah. I’m eclectic.

Louise: I’m sort of form fitting and not too frilly.

Marni: She’s a structural minimalist, I would say.

Louise: Yes.

Marni: I mean, you went through a period with the hair, you know which period I’m talking about-

Louise: Oh?

Marni: She would not stop puffing up the back of her hair. She was always fixated on “just a little more height.”

Julia McGuire And Her Mother, Jennifer McGuire

That Special Mother-Daughter Bond

Julia: Oh, we’re like best friends. I tell her everything. She hates it. I tell her too much: Everything from daily life, what’s happening, what I’m wearing, where I’m walking.  Who I’m dating. If I’m breathing.

Jennifer: She calls like five times a day.

Julia: She wouldn’t survive without my phone calls. She’s like, “Why are you calling me?” I’m like, “For no reason. What, do I need to call you for a reason?” She’s like, “You have nothing to say,” and I’m like, “And?” I’ll trick her to stay on the phone for like 20 minutes.

Shopping Together Then…

Julia: I used to love to go shopping with her. Instead of watching TV, I’d be like, “Ooh, we’re going to the shoe store?” That’s why I have this scar, climbing on the shoe rack when I was three.

Jennifer: But honestly…she was like an accessory. I could bring her anywhere.  And she loved to go out to eat.

Julia: Still do.

…And Shopping Together Now

 Julia: So when we go shopping, we usually play on each other’s style. She’s more refined and I’m more daring. But we’ll buy the same shirt and I’ll wear with leather leggings and she’ll wear with black leggings.

Jennifer: She’ll buy it and I’ll say, “Where did you find that?” She’s my personal shopper.

Julia: Sometimes, we’ll buy the same stuff and we won’t realize. Like one day, I went home, she’s wearing the same shirt. I’m like, “Well, one of us has to change.”

Jennifer: And I’m like, “Well, I’m the older one and I don’t look good in too much. You can change.”

Tosca Musk And Her Mother, Maye Musk

Becoming A Mom…And Staying Chic

Tosca: When you become a mother, you recognize just how big that motherly love is. You don’t really know it until after you’ve had your own kid and then you’re like “Oh! That’s how much you love me. Got it!” Also, how much a mother has done for you in your entire life. Then you realize: “Oh right. Education. Thanks for that.”

Maye: …I’m highly impressed with your nails, as a mother of two.

Tosca: Just had them done.

Maye: I’m like, “Wow that’s amazing! You’re a mother of two and you have those nails!”

Let’s Talk Shopping (And Chico’s!)

Tosca: I have very little time to shop because I have twins. I do a lot of online shopping, although, we have actually run into Chico’s to get new clothes a few times. I’m quite the fan. The clothes fit me really well.

Maye: It’s a joy when clothes fit… I can see the women shopping; they are happy to shop there.

Tosca: You feel really great because of how Chico’s numbers its sizes. It’s like, “Oh my god. I’m a zero or a one.” That’s pretty exciting. And suddenly you feel sexy.

Maye: Yeah. And it’s cool styles too, you know?

Describe Each Other In 5 Words. Go.

Maye: Intelligent. Considerate. Hard working. Great mother and fun but also down to earth.

Tosca: My five words: Supportive, generous, motherly, energetic and kind.

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  1. Marilynn

    This is a great story. Maybe one day I”ll share one like this with my daughter. Style is ageless and I will never wear what they call granny clothes.

  2. crenee

    I really enjoyed this segment on mothers and daughters. It was a beautiful thing to see them enjoy one another with their Chico fashions

  3. Elva I. Pena

    I love to see mother/daughter pictures and read their stories. I lost my dear mother 2 weeks after my 16th birthday: I am now 80, and I still miss her so much. I am so happy my daughter and I have a wonderful relationship and enjoy spending time together.

  4. Nicole Moreland

    I Love this and has touched me in so many ways. I enjoyed reading some of the stories especially about Louise and Marni it reminds me so much of my mother and I relationship we are definitely like sister and she has taught me how its ok to agree to disagree. 🙂

  5. Belinda Green

    This so reminds me of my daughter and I. We shop in Chico’s frequently. She thought the style was just for older women, but when I took her in the store, she couldn’t believe how many things they had for her. So, Chico’s is her go to store. Usually she wants me to buy more and they she comes to my house and borrow what she wants. She’s an only daughter, so it’s alright with me.

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