Outfit of the Day: Back To Cool

Summer’s days are numbered. We’re looking forward to crisp days, cool nights, and apple pie. Not to mention fresh fall clothes. Here’s a look at our favorite new outfit.

We’ve re-imagined the classic poet’s blouse by cutting out the shoulders, cleaning up the lines, and wrapping it in this gorgeous sunset-inspired orange. Paired with sharp denim trousers with a flattering boot cut, this look is easy as that pie we mentioned above, and just as delicious.

 Stylist’s note: the belt and the clutch give the outfit even more texture.

Click to buy: Cold-Shoulder Ruffled Top, Tailored Trouser Jeans, Scarlet Reversible Pendant Necklace, Juliette Clutch, Milo Skinny Belt.

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2 Responses

  1. Lorie

    Wold love to see more cotton blends and less polyester. I always try to buy your denim and cotton selections when available. Chico always does a nice job offering new and stylish designs.

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