Outfit Of The Day: Breezy Point

Spring is in the air! The sun is shining longer, breezes are warmer, and our jackets are starting to feel a little bit too heavy. We’re dreaming of gossamer fabrics, and bursts of color for our new, springier, mood. Plus some brand new accessories to complement the look. 
Stylist’s Tip: Pop your print by keeping the rest of the look easy and clean.

Click to shop: Black Label Chain Necklace, Black Label Cami, Black Label Hardware Soft Pants, Black Label Printed Poncho, Rue Cuff Bracelet, Jubilee Fringe Crossbody Clutch.

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9 Responses

  1. Johnnie Griffin

    I am not at all impressed with your new website. I cannot get further than the first page and then my computer will not load the rest. I am so disappointed in Chico’s for doing this, as I buy the bulk of my wardrobe from the catalogue. Guess I will have to find another company to order from.
    Johnnie Griffin

  2. Sue

    I would buy every piece you show here IF the pants were full length and not tapered at the bottom. Some of us like a bit more support in the lower belly area without always buying jeans and as another alternative to crops and ankle lengths. After loving the Black Label white flare leg jeans last year I was so hoping for a repeat of that wonderful fabric and style in a tan and also black or maybe another color. Obviously they went over well as very few made it to the sale racks. I’d also love to see the new gray ankle pant in the BL Collection but in a full length. I buy a lot of my cruise wear through Chico’s but most cruise lines require full length slacks for the dining rooms and I want those clothes to do double duty at home too.

  3. Wynne Gensey

    I have a lot of CHICO’S but one very special top is just FABULOUS! It is black, light weight, long sleeves, round
    neck w/button in back and RUFFLES DOWN THE SLEEVES!!!

    It is elegant and lovely and will go anywhere and with anything. Please, please, please do this again Chico’s in
    other colors. I ALWAYS receive compliments.

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