Outfit of the Day: Denim Meets Linen

Two of our favorite summer fabrics combined? Yes, please. Make a chic statement at your next BBQ or brunch in a head-to-toe combo of linen with a fresh denim spin. A limited-edition look from Black Label by Chico’s, this is already our new favorite party-ready outfit with polish.

We love this wide-leg pant because it’s really a wardrobe workhorse that can pair with almost any top in your closet. The off-the-shoulder shirt is surprisingly ultra-versatile, as well. Style it with crisp white shorts in the mid-day heat and dress it up at night with a fun maxi skirt—chambray works well with pretty much any print. Keeping the top and pant styled together? Make sure to go for sleek accessories with a modern edge. Très chambray chic.

Click to buy: Off-The-Shoulder Denim Top, Wide-Leg Denim Pants, Silver-Tone Hammered Clip-On Earrings, Long Blue Beaded Necklace, Silver-Tone Cuff.

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10 Responses

  1. Wynne Gensey

    I have been a Chico’s customer for a long time. One of my problems is that there are not enough long sleeves out there.

    Most women my age do not have lovely arms and hence a need for them!

    1. MaeLeslie Strelich

      I LOVE Chico’s! I have been a very loyal customer and buy like crazy! You have so made your line look “Classic and Chic”!! I can pull each season new to add to already have… Only one huge complaint… I wear NO PANTS ever.. Just love dresses and skirts! I am 5’9 and I refuse to wear ABOVE KNEE!! I wound be soooooo thrilled if you would just drop the hem 2″ on dresses!! I would buy them ALL…. I wear a 1 and on occasion a size 2!
      Love all the Cokd Shoulder you are creating!! Keep up the great DESIGN… I am often Asked who is my designer… Who is better than Chico’s!! I have an assistant in our Bakersfield, CA store (Rebecca). She treats me as if I am in a Designef Boutique! She see’s that I alway’s see “First Pick”. So thoughtful. Our store is wonderful with excellent Sales Staff!
      Thank You Chico’s
      Bakersfield, CA

  2. Helen Wagner

    I hear you loud & clear, just one of my problems as I age gracefully. I must look for some type of sleeve always.

  3. Tawana Wilson-Allen

    I am a long time customer and shop often, (mostly online). It’s next to impossible to see any white clothes/jewelry on a white background. Talk about texture, can’t see any. Please help!

    1. Neufeld Sandra

      This has been one of my pet peeves also. If the item comes in a different color you can change to that color and the details will show up nicely.


    Long time customer; Do the wide leg denim pants wrinkle easy, what is the best way to laundry ?
    What is the price ? Thanks; A senior Texas girl with a young heart !!

  5. Linda

    I love the 2 piece Jean set. It looks like a one piece (jumper) so, so glad it’s not. Please do more separate matching pieces like this because it makes it much easier to go to the bathroom. Who wants to struggle when you got to go.?

  6. Vera

    I loved Chico in Doral. I am unhappy because closed. I will go tô another country, and It is summer nthere. I need buy tops and I can’t find .

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