Outfit of the Day: Green Day

With all due respect to Kermit The Frog, it’s actually pretty easy to be green, with this great cardigan and relaxed boyfriend jeans. The foundation? Our closet staple: the crisp white shirt. 

The layered necklaces add an unexpectedly fun twist. Our Kristi Short Pendant Necklace is just the right amount of too much.

Stylist’s Tip: Roll up your jeans and your sleeves for a carefree look.

  1. Celille Caridigan
  2. Effortless Cotton Celisa Shirt
  3. Platinum Boyfriend Jeans
  4. Kristi Necklace

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4 Responses

  1. Rosalie

    Love the look but at 70 years old do I really want to wear jeans with holes in them? Sweater and blouse will look great with holeless jeans on me anyway???

  2. Sheri

    Of course you can wear rolled up jeans at your age. If you have the body, slender, age matters,less. Iit is how you wear your clothes and how you feel in them. I am 73, 125 lbs. I love my jeans and feel amazing in them and receive many compliments. Go ahead, what does age have to do with it 🙂

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