Outfit of the Day: White, Hot and Cool

Maybe you’ve already noticed, but all-white is the new all-black. The effect is as forgiving, plus it feels modern, not to mention summer-ready. The best part?  It’s so easy to pull off.

The key to wearing head-to-toe white is texture, texture, texture. Tapered linen pants with a tie waist plus a little white cami create the ideal contrast. Add a fringed crop jacket for interest, and a chic night out. Polish off the look with silvery jewelry and accessories—they’ll put the ‘chrome’ in ‘monochrome’.

Click to buy: Fringe Crop Jacket, Linen Tie-Waist Ankle Pants, Double-Layer Tank, Harper Hoop Earrings, Ellery Collar Necklace, Drew Silver-Tone Convex Bangle.

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  1. Tammy Cohee

    Are you ever going to offer basic white pants again? Regular length, slim fit, not jeans, not ecru, not linen just the wardrobe basic? I’ve been checking for the last 2 years and only found 1 pair but didn’t like the side zip. The store clerks told me they get a lot of requests too.

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