Outfit of the Day: Work and Play

The New Year is… here! That’s why this is the best time to get a new outfit- one that makes you feel refreshed, and pulled together with very little effort. Here’s what we’d wear. 

The modern way to suit up? Chico’s Black Label Belted Coat pulls a look together effortlessly. The belt and angled shoulder mean it’s flattering too. For a little unexpected flare, go with a flared leg pant, like Chico’s Black Label Flared Trouser. (Don’t forget the heels!) Day or night, this two-toned Black Label Colorblocked Tank is simply elegant. Add some sleek gold jewelry, like our Kit Short Pendant Necklace and Kit Drop Earrings, and you are ready to go.

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66 Responses

  1. I have to admit that I’m in love with chicos fashion but hate the fact that I cannot shop in the stor size three and a half and four are not available that is the only part of Chico’s I hate

  2. Robin

    Just loving your selections this past fall and summer, I travel and have started buying my work ensembles from Chico’s again , many compliments and they fit me perfect. Thanks

  3. Pauletta Phillips

    I love Chico, but it would be nice to keep some of the old standards available. Lately, the style seems to go from mature to a young style not for us over the hill gals. Be sure, I will continue being a Chico girl.

  4. Judy Winegar

    I get compliments constantly and almost everything I wear is Chicos!! I am 77 and I love to dress up and wear jewelry and fun clothes. I love to shop at my Marietta Georgia store at the Avenues at East Cobb. That staff is fantastic!! Keep the styles coming!!!!

  5. Dale reed

    Stay away from Black Label trousers. They do not seem to have good quality control on their cutting. I’ve gotten 3 pairs of badly cut trousers – extra fabric in weird places. I won’t try again.

  6. Pat Dickens

    Love the choices…. One huge request! Chico’s used to carry a white fabric in cami, short sleeve, and 3/4 sleeve and the white held NEVER turned color. I would love to have those tops again and in multiples!

  7. Joan Sanders

    Agree with comments regarding petite sizes. Love Chicos, but have trouble with fit. Not excited about having to order online. Please consider these replies.

  8. Lillian Cosimano

    I have always loved Chico’s but they don’t love me,being recently sick all the clothes are to big ,even the zero, how I miss you my dear friend

  9. Jeanne

    Love Chico’s and I depend on them for every day, evening and travel outfits. I would say my closet is almost 90 % Chico and the other would be my designs or others. Wish they would have petites in the stores.

  10. Mona Litten

    I have been shopping Chico’s for 10 year I love it. I have problems with me not receiving a catalog. I call and still no cologne. I missed out on the January issue as well. Chico’s please welcome me back.

  11. Sandra Dowling

    I am also a long time customer…I have the original parrot card… I love Chicos online and especially the employees at the Dana Park store in Gilbert Arizona.

  12. I really want to like Chico’s….but big prints & designs don’t work on 5’4 people– even in a petite size. As my daughter says: “you look like furniture in that.” Please designers…give us smaller prints, and pls lots of V necks (compensates for sinking boobs), give us layers(for hot flashes) more cute shift styles…but with a fun neck & maybe split sleeves….so we can show arm but not bat wings. Also, dresses & pant suits with dusters—- Our age demographic has expendable income….but few are making fashionable clothes for us & I refuse to wear Alfred Dunner. Eddie Bauer & JJill are good options, but I would love for Chiocs to come along.

  13. Marilyn Turner

    I am so disappointed about not finding pants sz 2.5 in the Neema material. The Neema pants are so easy to pack, light weight, wash and wear while traveling. Please bring them back!

  14. Carolyn

    Sizes appear to be larger than they used to be. I ordered several tops and sweaters in the pre-winter time period online and had to exchange all for smaller sizes even though I ordered size I normally wear. What’s going on?

  15. Sylvia Harmon

    Love Chico’s, but I now need 3.5 size and do not shop online. I have asked store personnel repeatedly to relay this message. Big people have money to spend on beautiful clothes too.

  16. Anne

    I totally agree! This was one store to carry reality of the American woman. But sadly have fallen prey to the young and undernourished looking tens of today!

  17. barbara middelthon

    you seldom see any 00 in the stores and I think you made clothes bigger lately..I haven’t changed but your sizes have..sometimes need a 000 but forget about that..I am not that unusual ,could always count on chicos ,but not anymore..e

  18. Kanani Kealoha

    Please bring more of your Effortless Danise Shirts back in more colors and original ones sold. I have one of every color and my black one has faded. I look all the time but they are still not in. I live in Maui Hawaii and wear them daily. So nice that you don’t have to iron and the colors are great!!

  19. Vanessa M.

    I like most of Chico’s clothing, the styles are great but sometimes the fabrics are cheap and too expensive. I prefer natural fibers like cotton, wool and silk. Some polyesters are ok. Look at the fabrics that Jones of New York used and the pricing was about the same as Chicos.

  20. I have the same complaint as some of your other customers in that I cannot try on the 3.5 or size 4 in the stores! I have to go to the store , look at the item, and then order online the size I need! I feel like a second-class citizen due to my size! I put on weight due to taking steroids for pain after my back surgery and it is difficult to lose! Meanwhile, I still want to look nice in my clothes! I have shopped at Chico’s for years and would like to continue without having to order everything online and guess if it might fit!!

  21. Donna Bulington

    I shop Chico’s and have for years. It is my go to store. Last month I was helped by a stylist. I came home with great outfits, that I probably would not have tried without her help. The stylist made me feel so good about myself, taught me a few tips and most importantly, I had so much fun. Wish there was a stylist all the time.

  22. Kristy Gault

    I wish Chico’s would carry more solids prints and tunics. I enjoy the professional look that is polished and put together without much effort. Sometimes I have noticed your clothing tends to stretch out over short period of time. My favorite piece would have to be your lace shark bite dress. I wish it had come in more colors for summertime. Keep in mind some customers like solid patterns without a lot of prints to get lost in. Thanks!

  23. What has happened to the Zenergy line 100% cotton shirts you used to carry? They were substantial and fit great. Also the 100% cotton knit Zenergy pants and jackets we used to LOVE. Bring them back please! The new stuff is way too flimsy, and too expensive to be tossed so soon (after 4 washes) .

  24. Francine Saint-Pierre 1485 Sherbrooke ouest apt 11B Montréal H3G 0A3. CANADA

    Love Chico! Need size 4 in stores. Why not opening a store in Montréal,Canada??

  25. Pat Ward

    I love Chicos, but I would also like the 3.5 it would fit my full figure better. I am 80yrs old, and will never get too old for Chicos!

  26. Elizabeth

    I am a size 4, 56 year old woman that works out, but I don’t want to wear trendy clothes. Looks like Chicos has stepped up it’s game and now only recently have I started shopping at Chicos and love it. The clothing I select is flattering, comfortable and chic.

  27. Dr. Sybil Francis

    a formerly Size 3 and higher in Chico’s I empathize with shoppers who cannot find the wonderful Chico’s styles in their sizes. I have been wearing Chico’s clothes since the 1990s. I have two embroidered jackets from that era, one heavily embroidered jean, that people still stop me on the street to ask me where I bought it. It is the perfect jean jacket of all time!

    Love, love Chico’s and am glad I now can wear a size 2 and sometimes a 1, but please Chico’s realize the average weight of American women is up and so you should have more larger sizes for them. No one who wears a 3 or 4 in your sizing wants to look like a bag lady. Be nice and size up for them so they can be loyal Chico’s shoppers too. Time to get with reality Chico’s. We all wish we were a 1 or 0, but for goodness sake, be kind! Please DO have more for them. If they do happen to lose weight, they will remember you with affection.

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