When we cast models for our fall campaign, we set out to find the kind of women we design our clothes for: real, funny, expressive, and stylish. Women who are a lot like you! We thought you’d like to meet them too. Get to know them below!  

Author Lee Woodruff

Advocate for injured veterans
Sunny day lover

On enjoying her age:

I love it because I’m completely comfortable in my own skin. I’ve finally grown into myself. I know who I am, I know what makes me happy and I know how I want to spend my time. If I don’t want to spend time doing something, I don’t!

On style, her way:

To me it means getting dressed every morning and feeling comfortable, but still feeling very much like a woman and feeling feminine.

On keeping a (small) secret:

My husband has this T-shirt collection that keeps growing. But I’ve been giving them away by 10s and 12s. He’ll be like, ‘What happened to that T-shirt?’ And I’ll go, ‘I don’t know. Haven’t seen it in a while.’

Her best style advice:

I ask people what they think works on me. If I get a lot of great feedback, I realize that’s something I should be wearing more.

Describing her personal style:

My style says comfortable but feminine. A little bit flirty, but not fussy. I achieved a sense of style by mixing things. I might have a really soft cashmere sweater with a pair of flat tennis shoes, and some black leggings.

Parting thought:

The gift is understanding who you love, who loves you and how you get through hard times. The human spirit is the most resilient thing. We’re built to bounce.

Web Series Creator Tonya Pittman

Interior designer
Curve-loving advocate for women

On enjoying her physical body:

I love to show off the things that I love. I love my neckline! I love showing off my legs. I’ve worked really hard on these gams. I love my curves. I’ve been a dancer my whole life, and when I got those curves I was told they weren’t great. You know what? They are great. And they are strong.

On style, her way:

Style my way is fun! I don’t pay too much attention to trends. I look for what is going to look good on my body. I look for what makes me feel good when I put it on. I look for something that makes a statement.

On adapting to change:

My body has changed from a size 10 to a 12 to a 14…back to a 12…to a 14, to a 12 and back to a 10! If you’re healthy and you’re happy and you are doing what’s best for you, that is the most important thing.

Her best style advice:

Think about how you want the world to see you, and put yourself out there.

Describing her personal style:

My style is fun. Sexy. Sassy. Funky. AND comfortable. Definitely comfortable! I’m in my comfort zone. It’s cool. It’s sleek. It’s really bold and colorful. But it’s more grown up.

Parting thought:

Look for pieces that are you. If you look at it and go, ‘That’s me. That is so me!,’ it’s you.

Actress Jo Quiles

Multitasking career woman
Chaser of two little ones

On enjoying life:

I’m finding out so much about myself and who I am. And I’m really loving that. When I was younger, I tried to force style. And now I know: Who cares about the rules? I’m going to break them!

On style, her way:

To me it means being comfortable yet looking stylish. I like to feel good in what I wear. I look for comfortable clothes that make me feel womanly, sexy, approachable. Clothes that fit my body type.

Her best style advice:

Don’t force it. If you put it on and it feels great, it’s going to look great. And everyone else is going to say, ‘Hey! She looks great.’

Describing her personal style:

Mine shows people that I can be fun, I can be serious, I can be classic when I want. I can feel happy yet chic and glamorous, and very ready to attack any situation.

Parting thought:

Throw on a bit of pattern or color, just to brighten your day. Just to feel a little more fun and sassy. Leopard makes me feel happy and fun and it just brightens up any outfit.

Lifestyle Blogger Tanya Foster

Proud mom with an empty nest
Ruffle fanatic

On enjoying her 50s:

It’s just the best time. I’m 53 but I feel like my mid-to-late 30s. I can do whatever I want to. We are young, we are hip, we dress up, we like to go out. 53 to me, is really young. And I just quit worrying about what everyone thinks.

On style, her way:

Take whatever you see at the store, online or in the catalog, and then make it your own. I may wear skinny jeans with flats, or I may wear them with heels or I may tuck them into boots. I may wear a tunic with a two-finger tuck. Or I may not!

What she would say to her 20-something self:

If I could talk to my 20-something self I would say, ‘Relax! You’re a really great person. Let people like you for who you are.’

Her best style advice:

Know your body shape and size, and what works for you. At this age, it’s super important to know your body and what you can do with it.

Describing her personal style:

Classic, minimalist with clean lines. Monochromatic. Effortless!

Parting thought:

Animal prints are never going away. I love a good animal print. And I love animals, so that plays into it, too.

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13 Responses

  1. Susie

    Please design some pants for those of us with heavier legs. Not everyone can wear leggings or slim leg pants. You say you want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin, but many women will be more comfortable in pants that have a little wider leg. You used to make great platinum denim pants that I still wear, but I haven’t bought any of your pants for years. I wear size 3 and always hope that you’ll come up with an additional pant design.

  2. Rona

    Great to see the interesting real women with real bodies.
    It would also be interesting to share your fabulous models and their backgrounds.

  3. Rona

    Great to see the interesting real women with real bodies.
    It would also be interesting to share your fabulous models and their backgrounds.

  4. Marcy

    I like to think I am a Chico Gal! I have been shopping at your store for years. I am 68 and I teach school in Houston. I love the feel and the comfort of your clothing. I also love the way your jewelry is so unique.If you ever want a spokesman or a model I would love to do it. Ia m 100% chico girl.

  5. Audrey

    Always trying to find pants with slim hips and theighs and longer length. Please help us with proportions that work! Thank you.

  6. Anne Ericson

    I would like to be a inspiration model.
    I am a 43 year Breast Cancer Survivor.
    I have worn Chico’s clothes for over 20 years.
    I am active. Love to travel, dance,
    I am retired after 30 years in the Breast Care Industry. Working with women after breast surgery with their post mastectomy products.
    Helping women look and feel better about themselves after surgery is my mission.
    I now travel to South America with a Camcer Care and Provention Foundation 2 times a year to work with indigent women and providing them with there proper size in a silicone breast form and surgical bra. These products have been donated by American Breast Care. We also fit these women with wigs if they have lost there hair due to having chemo after surgery I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to work with hundreds of women look and feel better about themselves after surgery. I wesr size 1 and always wear Chico’s clothes whoever I go. I am glad you are using women of different ages and sizes in your catalogs. It would be great to have a fall catalog that is featuring Breast Cancer Survivors in the Oct issue October is Breadt Cancer Survivors Month

  7. Sandee

    I have worn your clothes and jewelry for over 20 years. One of the teachers I worked with always looked chic and turned me on to Chicos. I am now 75 and dress to satisfy my needs. I love the styles, they are not to young or too old. I love seeing models that look like me, mature and classy.

  8. retiredmama

    I am 80 years old and a full time caregiver for my husband. I enjoy getting away occasionally to the beach and the mountains and to church. I would love some ideas on how to dress. I have been wearing tops, jackets and jewelry for Chico’s for years. I would just like some role models around my age.

  9. Evelyn Sibille

    I am not sure this is the correct place to give a suggestions. During the winter to find jeans or any dressy pants I can’t find any pants that I either have to roll up or have them cut off and hemmed.
    I wish You would make pants in short length maybe 26”. The shortest I can find is 28”. I wear a zero and I am 5’ 2” tall. This makes it hard to find a pair without hemming.
    Summer you have the crops and some will work for me as ankle length.
    Thank you for time.
    Evelyn Sibille

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